Sunday, January 19, 2014

A trip to town

At long last there is semblance of order as one enters the Capital from the comfort of the Flying Scotsman. It certainly looks better now the hoardings have been removed ,and all the misleading signs telling one to go this way .
I love walking into the Euston Road, re-acclimatizing myself with its sense of the Tower of Babel and Hull Fair mixed with a football crowd.
The new Concourse at Kings Cross

I walked to Gower Street to get the 14 bus direct to Putney and the familiar  home ground from my barefoot and beads days, when Laura Ashley and Biba were fresh and new and just a tube ride from home. I rarely take the tube these days, when my Old Lady Bus pass lets me ride around London enjoying all the latest fashions and trends from the top of the bus. The latest trend is SCOOTERS, Toddlers , infants, schoolchildren and their parents travel on the bus with them , get off and ride them.

Tribes of Israel encamped at Mount Sinai by Alan Sorrell 

I have long treasured my RSV with Alan Sorrell illustrations. It's dropping to bits now , but I love the reconstructions of Biblical Places. I have other books illustrated by him too, from my days of teaching Prehistory. The exhibition of Sorrell's Art at the quirky Sir John Soane Museum  was a real didactic pleasure. Those who love woodcuts, Eric Ravilous and the work of Mark Heald would have loved the draughtsman's skill in the work of Alan Sorrell. I've got the book now so can make my lovely visit last and last.

I had forgotten too just how interesting was Rumpole of the Bailey land. 
I enjoyed brunch with the boys at the Fleet River Bakery  then walked with them to be shown Persephone Books in Lamb's Conduit Street, yet another feast , and subject of a blog post  penned by my son in law . I don't know whether I dare tell him that Persephone books features too in the Middle Class Handbook

Before tripping back to Putney with the Bus Pass I said farewell to the boys and went in the back door of the British Museum to have a quick look at the Starr Carr exhibits, then exit through the glorious front door. (NB Vikings Exhibition coming up v soon). 
Oh there's nothing so good as a bit of Bloomsbury for me .


  1. It sounds absolute heaven Margaret. A good part of my working life was spent in and around Bloomsbury & when I worked on the corner of Drury Lane and High Holborn I was right in the middle of all that area has to offer.
    I can't remember who said "The man who is tired of London is tired of life", but he had a point.
    I used to spend half hours of my lunch breaks in the British Museum and found something new to look at every time.
    The last exhibition I went there to see was King Tut - that tells you how long ago it was.

  2. I took about 20 teenagers from school and we Queued for ages. We went on the tube from Wimbledon after school, no permission slips or risk assessments and just me aged 24. They will all be in their 50s now. A never to be forgotten exhibition.

  3. Oh ! I wish I had come with you . Bookshops , Musuems ,Alan Sorrel . What did I do ? Gloss painting !!!!