Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Alternative Pilgrimage Day 9

I am hoist on my own petard.
For the last 25 years when my children reached the age of choice, I have  served food for a variety of dietary requirements.

  • I have cooked vegetarian , avoiding all traces of animal fat, and every hint of cow heel in the jellies
  • I did dairy free for some years , soya milk, soya everything including icecream, sunflower oil and proficiency in label reading
  • Gluten free was my next triumph,  I was trained that even oats contained the stuff, and that most of the pasta was awful, but spelt was ok
  • I am presently doing  Sugar Free for diabetic spouse and am finding this the hardest as the poor man has been forbidden many fruits that have been staple for him , like grapes
My food producing for the masses has always had a Margaret Protocol: We all eat the same food. 

So now I am at the crossroads of my culinary adventures, my dining out and my reputation as a non fussy visitor.

On part 2 of our progresses North to South, and South to North, I have got us Ist class tickets on East Coast Mainline , cashing in on my Rewards Points. The food is all complimentary. I cant even eat the sandwiches. I am having a Cup a Soup , brought from home, and 3 Jamaican Water (0fat)biscuits. I have joined those I have railed against ,behind my hand ,for years. 

Simply Not true


  1. Wow. That really doesn't leave much does it?
    When John was told he was diabetic I did the no sugar thing too, and as I was already a very careful eater anyway, didn't find it too difficult, but cooking needs considerable time and patience (not my forte) and buying supermarket ready meals can help there.
    As a vegetarian - with occasional lapses into fish eating - I was used to reading labels, but it takes a lot of time and can be misleading.

    I don't envy you your latest excursion into 'extreme' cooking, but if anyone can do it, you can.
    Best of luck, and every blessing.

  2. Thanks Ray, I have never wanted to be a fussy eater, but I like cooking , and love vegetables! I did feel a bit of a fool taking all the outer coating from the fishcakes I had for lunch in a posh Surrey Pub with our daughter today, as I was brought up never to leave food . x

  3. I add Ray that the people who could not eat dairy , meat, or sugar in my family do not include me. Up till now I have been able to eat anything, now I am not eating any fat at all by order of my GP, so winegums, and meringues are fine!!

  4. All that sugar Margaret!
    Do you really want to become a skinny woman with no teeth?