Thursday, August 11, 2011


I have had a really busy , busy week or so. I am not complaining, it is a blessing to have Family staying.
Therapy 1-Rudston field
 I have not had time to do the gentle usual things of the day, the crossword, The Archers, Google reader etc. I have not looked at Tweetdeck for a week. I have woken early as usual and remembered people . I have looked at the red dot on my bathroom mirror which reminds me to pray for cyberfriends (and you know who you are) as I put in my contact lenses. I can hear you thinking I'm a bit wacky. My children would agree. I tried to get them interested in the view of my favourite field track  near Rudston yesterday, they were trying very hard to agree that it was beautiful. 

The same with my favourite Potato field, perhaps I am on a nerd spectrum somewhere , as I just love  seeing it change every week. I havent actually been to aged parent via the potato fields and Roman villa site for 3 weeks now . 

Spouse has not been able to watch Neighbours for weeks, and I havent listened to my Bible on CD with breakfast as I usually do. I am up to David cutting off a corner of  Sauls robe as he (S) pees in the cave  a good part. We have managed our EDWJ in the greenhouse, and to pray for the day. Our routine will recommence next week.
Therapy 2 -Rudston Field
 BUT  I am rather weary , and have washed the same mugs up 10 times every day and got through 4litres of milk a day. I have seen BFG the video twice, Snow White, Cinderella, Prince Caspian and Lazytown .The house is full of Bakugan, Moshi Monsters and Sylvanians. 

I have also posted on the Filey Parish blog something intended for this one, and as we have a not to remove policy it will just have to stay there .


  1. Time to put your feet up. Have a glass of wine and chill (or whatever the latest word is)
    Blessings Margaret.

  2. Its still 'chill' according to younger members of the family.x Thanks Ray I would love a cigarette but gave up some years ago and mustn't go back, so it will just be the glass of red.

  3. I have another week to recover before mine come up to stay !! I decided to do EDWJ at bed time when I was in Gwen abode but by then I was too tired to take it in !
    I appreciate your therapy and I gave a nod to the scene every time I visited
    Aged Parent !