Saturday, August 20, 2011

Insomnia Blog again

Old and New PC label
This time I have a reason. My mosquito bites from last night are so painful and swollen  that I just cannot get cool enough to sleep. 
I have been getting up on the hour every hour since I went to bed first. Now , I have remembered ,using desperate reason, that a warm milky drink does infact help. So I am downstairs with a mug of milky decaf  instant coffee. I say that rather gloomily, as I only take real coffee usually, and maybe only one a day. I have given up my strong black coffee habit now, after years of caffeine abuse,as I try to keep my BP down. Milky instant is in another realm, one of 1950's coffee pot Camp the coffee brewed or rather assembled ,by my now aged parent. So it is a comfort food almost, and it does seem to get me back to sleep if decaf. I used to love the Camp Coffee bottle, the old one that is, with the sikh Servant holding a tray on which was a bottle of Camp, on which you could see the label of the Camp bottle, with a label  etc etc. I know I have blogged on this before!
I have done some light Insomnia reading. I definitely want to go on a course  offered by the East Riding College in their new prospectus  leading to a Diploma in either Trowel or Wood occupations, or machine Competancy. All the work on the Crown Construction Site next to my home has fired me with enthusiasm for new skills of the building site sort. When I am older and grayer and not full of sleep I want to be pushed to a building site and left there to watch for the odd hour.

If I did not still share a double bed I would watch TV in it at this moment. 

I have just remembered it is already Saturday and my beloved Wallender has given way to my equally enjoyable Montalbano, which I will  watch in bed with subtitles at 9pm. Only 18hours to go.


  1. Poor Margaret. As a life-long insomniac I have innumerable experiences of whiling the hours away in whatever manner I found possible.
    From emptying out kitchen cupboards and soundlessly sorting their contents while John slept the sleep of the just, to walking up and down stairs just to get rid of excess energy after his death.
    I too, have watched awful, dreadful, boring TV read, and more recently, blogged in a desperate attempt to 'use up' the time when I could respectably get up.
    I hope you have plenty of anti-histamine for the bites, they sound grim.

  2. Thanks Ray-I am going to try something new from Chemist.
    I have so many strategies for avoiding bites-even got goldfish in the water butt and a net over the bed, its my foot or arms sticking out defying all protection.

  3. Head phones and listening to the World Service used to be a good cure cos you feel asleep thro boredom !

  4. SandraR24.4.12

    I have insomnia so I understand what you are going through. I would lie awake at night and try everything I could to get to sleep like reading. One website that I wanted to share is It has a lot of great advice about dealing with insomnia. i hope this is helpful!