Thursday, June 16, 2011

My road home

As the Bigger trees near Warter is being prepared to regale Ferens Art Gallery next week  and the wow the Hullesian Hockney fans I realise I have already been wowed many times . I have made trips to the Royal Academy, to the Annely Juda and to Somerset House just to see David Hockneys pictures, watercolours, oils and computer generated pics, of my part of East Yorkshire. When I was Bridteacher, children would spot him painting  up Woldgate and come excitedly to school and tell us. Since those times, and I have blogged about him many times ,he has been responsible for just opening my eyes to  see what I never appreciated before.

Today my road home through the Hockney lanes took me past so many worthy wonders that it took me an hour longer than usual to get home from taking aged parent to HC at Beverley Minster. I had to double back several times, and a one point passed the same cyclist 3 times.
Ive been watching the next phase of the Demolition next door, and talking to Malcolm again about Old Filey so this blog post has been waiting for hours to get finished. I am covered in brick dust, and need to get clean for my highlight of the week,  PCC meeting. So its only Pictures now ..........
Poppies in the Rape Field nr Rudston

Honeysuckle in the Hedgerow nr Kilham

Every Gorse bush from Rudston to Burton Fleming was killed by  frost

Bladder Campion

Hogweed-prettier than its name

Potholes temp fix

Still a Nissen Hut left in Rudston 


  1. Don't know much about Hockney, would only recognize one or two of his but love his use of vibrant pinks and blues.
    Your 'on the way home' pictures are lovely, particularly the honey suckle. Amazing amount of bloom on them in this area too, this year.
    Not sure about the pot-hole plant is it native to Filey?

  2. The road between Rudston and Burton Fleming has literally hundreds of potholes , happily now covered over! Other small roads are still awful and not safe enough to stop on for Photojournalism of the Margaret kind. First sweet peas out today , very late this yearXX

  3. No sweet peas yet !! Lovely pictures , MM .