Friday, June 10, 2011

Not the safe option

A few weeks ago I took a bold step for me and wrote out my testimony of Faith and sent it to a complete stranger. It was a response to the blog of a young Christian man who was  in a place of doubt. 
I dont usually use my personal blog as a place to proselytise, either.

Sometimes I think that I am going to stop reading blog posts by high profile  Christians, as I cannot see why some of them have so much time to write so many posts and never have anything to say about what God is saying to them, or what they have read in their Bibles, or prayers that have been answered or any encouragement for those who find faith a struggle. I know this sounds like another of my critical rants. I know that I am generalising wildly. There are as many Christian Bloggers as there are shades of gray. BUT am I alone in wishing I had more hours in the day to learn about the Bible, to be quiet before God.  I am longing to tell people how  surrendering to God is the transforming step towards Life the Universe and everything  .  Actually I do God the Father  a disservice here, as I am talking about Jesus, and the Power of the Holy Spirit. I surrender to an Almighty God , because of Jesus and through the prodding of the Holy Spirit. I am gob smacked  that it is so simple and yet blog after blog after blog, talk about things that are really politics and power and get up the rankings .Evangelism is not my gifting. Writing out my testimony has cost me Big Time. For the last few weeks I have been depressed, stressed, almost in that dark night of the soul place that I recognize from years ago when I was newly baptised with the Holy Spirit, and my faith went from my head to my heart. Until NOW THAT IS. I have recognised that a defeated (at the cross) foe is having a go at me , and I have told him to go in the name of Jesus. I am OK  but on my guard, or rather, got my armour on and standing firm.

Great things are happening in our Parish of the quiet geriatric sort. Our vicar has started preaching with Christ's Power. We now have a PCC that prays,  Christian Churchwardens , an Archdeacon who can preach and Teach well  AND know how many light bulbs it takes to illuminate a dull Church. Prayer is beginning to take off-I see people praying for each other after services in pairs in transepts. 'Bums on seats' is beginning to be less important than the softening of hard hearts, and it will only take a spiritual  push and the word tithe might just have some meaning and the struggle for the Parish Quota achieved. And no we are not a Charismatic type church, we are not Happy Clappy, we still do candles and Morning Prayer on Wednesdays. We are beginning to talk about Jesus whilst doing the Flowers, and praying for ourselves to be healed in stead of not presuming to bother God. I guess Screwtape and His friends are not mightily pleased. 

Next Monday we go back to Ordinary Time. We have one more lectionary day to pray for the Holy Spirit to come and blow once again through the Church that is supposed to be getting ready to be a bride. Bring it on .

I am searching for some Blogs to encourage  Christians to grow. I am searching for those that are not full of Theology and difficult words. I am searching for some honest testimony of what God has done through Jesus, in the lives of ordinary bloggers. Let me know if you find some gems that are not already my treasures. More and more people are starting  to network  here. I am about to teach Internet Skills to silver surfers-I want to pass on something to them that will change their lives for ever.

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