Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beverley Minster and Aged Parent

Beverley minster 019

We have been planning today for ages. Aged Parent and I know every aisle, label, and variety of Aynsley Harriot Cup-o-soup in her Beverley Supermarket. Our regular trips to buy the stuffs of life have taken a new turn. We have been to church as well today .

My over 90  mother takes Communion every month. It is brought to the house where she has lived for 26 years by vicar of   St Marys. in whose Parish she resides. She shares this time  with other residents of the house. This is C of E protocol- not stepping across the boundaries . She cherishes those times. BUT..

She always used to go to her own church St Leonards at Molescroft , but a 9am service is just too early for her now. The Mother Church of Beverley Minster offers a said Midweek Communion on Thursdays at the much better time of 10am.

Although not prepared for the roadworks around the Minster we did manage a disabled space, and the flat walk to the disabled entrance.

It was the first time she has seen Jeremy Fletcher. She knew all about him of course because I had given her My Crockfords. I think she might have thought the minster  was going 'high' as he was dressed in  the white robe thing. She doesnt really do 'high', but it was very low key, despite celebrating facing east. The verger was right on the case and very discreetly asked if she wanted the sacramant  brought down to her. It was all so perfect-she could see everything, she knew every word of course 1662. She is hoping for CW next time. Yes there is definitely going to be next time. So many people came up to her after the service , remembering when she was a regular at the service that she was thrilled to bits. She didnt hear all the talk as she has forgotten her hearing aid. I had remembered mine so relayed it to her afterwards, and improved on it I thought. We didn't stay for coffee this time as we had to fit in the Surgery, the Building Society and Tescos before an afternoon party  at the Abbeyfield house.

I am so pleased. She had such a lovely time. Let us not stop meeting together-its all that Hebrews 10 again. 

We are planning a fortnightly visit . I cant wait -I love acknowledging and bewailing my manifold sins and wickednesses now I understand what they mean.

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  1. Really heartwarming. So glad you and your mother both enjoyed the experience.
    Lovely picture by the way.