Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An answer to the Churchmouse

He is right to ask the following questions with regard to the King James Bible

'Mouse would just like to ask what messages we are trying to get across.

So far, the discussion has largely been about how important the King James Bible has been in it's impact on British life and culture.  There has been some talk about how beautiful the translation is.  And all that is true.  Yet is that all we are trying to say?'

The dialogue is only just starting, and more questions will emerge. Like everything in the Blogsphere there are times of # trending.

My answer to the Churchmouse is watch the spaces.

  • Schools will use the opportunity to use the KJV in Literacy lessons. It will come in the planning as use and  comparison of archaic language   . The Message will take off, as educators will go first to Bible Gateway to save time, and stumble upon something new. 
  • The atheist brigade will use the time to rant about 'eye for an eye', 'the Virgin Birth' etc,
  • The Christians will answer them and some will rant 
  • people will look and see if they can find their KJV s  at the back of bookcases. The Christians will read their favourite bits:Psalm 23,Corinthians 13 and Revelation 3v20 . Church goers will find their KJVs in the loft and do the same  but will go on with more bits
  • those in the order of Melchizedek will use the opportunity to plug EDWJ and the like
  • Charity shops will do Bible Displays in their windows
  • Waterstones will try and shift some of the White KJVs they have had on the shelves for years for Infant Baptism presents
  • The Exclusive Brethren (women in head scarves,standing  at the back) will remind people by shouting out ,at a street corner , but not making eye contact that the KJV is the ONLY one (But must have a black cover)
  • The Gideons will be accepted in more schools to give out their red NIV testaments and Psalms to the School Leavers
  • Those in other faith groups will agree that the language of the KJV is beautiful
  • Christians will pray that  glory goes to God, that lives will be changed, that the ears of the spiritually deaf will be unstopped, and then will remember that the Word of God never returns Void

4 years ago when I was teaching a Yr 6 class week by week for RE  I was having a  terrible time with the appalling behaviour of the children. I would not teach over the shouting out, the rudery and the disruption. The syllabus was not relevant.The Children had no idea how to even open a Bible and find a Chapter and Verse. I would at least teach them that. For several weeks we played the sorts of games done 50 yrs ago in Bible classes. Things changed dramatically when the children realised that I was not expecting them to do the boring syllabus (fine for well behaved middle class children). As we were playing the ancient game 'Draw your swords' the mood of the class began to change.The bribery of the winning row getting  prize at the end of the lesson( a jelly bean), and the banal simplicity of the game won the day. The game was to be the first complete row to find a verse and all sit down with NO NOISE WHATSOEVER. 

Bibles under arms, I say 'Draw your swords for John 3v16'
There is a silent rush
A child finds it
they now have learned OT and NT ,and 4 gospels M,M, Land J
so they help each other silently , no pushing  , no chair scraping
The first row sits down and is checked.A child reads out the verse
Simple or what!

After some weeks , now good behaviour, lessons beginning to go well, the game always promised for the end of session , 36 children all on feet and listening quietly I called out 

Luke 6 v27

The most disruptive child in the class  read it out for his row

But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,

He then turned to me and said,

'Miss , did Jesus really say that, WOW'

How will they know , if no one ever tells them?
So , Churchmouse (whoever you are) -go with it , if one person turns to a Bible , whatever version , and turns to Christ, it will all have been worth  it.

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