Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Toads and Toads Revisited

I wonder what Philip Larkin would have said if he knew that giant fibreglass toads were to be placed around Hull. Thankfully Hull City Council has thought better of making money out of the dour but fascinating librarian. Larkin 25  has been however organized and is running until December.
 Now this Bridteacher has always loved poetry, and has to confess that she has never read much Larkin. This is going to change. I am going to put it right. So I am going to read Toads, and Toads Revisited very carefully . 
Larkin I'm sure ,with me would  not have been   interested in statues and model toads.  He was by all account a taciturn and singular man who needed no approbation in such a vulgar way. 

We never lived near each other in Hull, as I moved from Marlborough Avenue in 1953. We knew the same streets, and Pearson Park.Larkin lived in My Childhood Hull.  Infact my Great Grandfather designed the fountains in the Avenues , and so I shall be searching the poetry for any reference to the victorian monstrosities  now well loved by those looking for anything arty that survived the bombing (when most of Hull didn't).

will be Hull City of Culture 2017, as has always been !

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