Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flog it

For 4 days now Kiaora has been a 3 generation house again.
On the top floor in the bedroom with the view of the sea are my daughter and her husband. The room is small for 2, 3'single beds made up as one kingsized, so much so, that spouse has had to tie pan cleaning sponges to the legs nearest the door so that no one is injured by bumping into a corner in the way that I did when making up the bed. I've just climbed the 10,5, 9 stairs from the sitting room to the 2nd floor. I wanted to check that I was in order calling it a sea view. I was . The light at Flamborough is 4 white flashes every 15 seconds. When my sister used the room with the seaview she found comfort from the predictable automatic candelas which may be seen for 24 nautical miles.
Next door 2 small grand-daughters have more room, a Barbie Palace, cut outs of the Cottages in Balamory from one of my school Assemblies, and blackout curtains brought from Sussex to ensure holiday long sleeps.

On our floor the sign of multi -occupancy is only the 4 extra toothbrushes in my bathroom . They only use it for Teeth Cleaning procedures, as my bathroom is deemed too old fashioned and dilapidated for more routines and ablutions. That suits me fine. 
The conjugal bedroom has  single occupancy at the moment.  We have not fallen out , but spouse has got his first taste of what the Geriatric of Filey all seem to have -arthritis in his knee. His walk  to Malyon Spout with the family came to a nasty end. His knee has increased in size by a third, he is unable to walk, unable to have anti-inflammatories , has frozen pea poultice every hour and the laying on of hands.He is of course sleeping on the sofa bed in the sitting room,with the TV  controls, a commode just in case , his book, and perfect contentment apart from the pain.
Today is the birthday of Scarborough Daughter, our No 1. She and husband and small grandsons of the  never stop talking sort , into everything sort , I'm always hungry sort ,have been here all day too. 
The plan was to have a Chalet Birthday down on the front. It rained on and off all morning so everyone was here-4 under 7s, 4 young adults, suduko, cups of coffee every 20minutes, the car cleaned with the dish cloth, the watering cans used helpfully, Grandma,  all morning, on everything . Daughter no 2 was nurse all day, supervised all the furniture moving and shuffling and trips to the freezer for peas. Grandchildren careered round all of us all morning , in and out of the house, up and down the stairs. I got lunch.

By 2'o clock the paddling pool , the chalet, the beach, the 2 dolphins and 2 sharks were deemed usable. Spouse of course had to be driven down to the Royal Parade.

I took him down with daughter NO 2
Ring when you want me to fetch you home, I said, having to go home to park, no space in the summer.
Aren't you coming down  too Mum? they said
I need to get on with the birthday cake I said

So I did absolutely nothing on the sofa, fell asleep for forty winks , and watched Flog It.

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  1. Anonymous30.7.10

    Can just picture it all ! My house now looks a bit empty.Toothbrushes gone, small clothes found in the washing basket,odd pieces of stickle bricks and books back to the library. The odd piece of Blue Stilton found in fridge and wash after wash done !
    The house is suddenly spacious and the carpet uncluttered. No longer can the cry be heard "tidy up the Lego before you get the railway out " 'no you cant have any more of Grandma's sellotape"
    Time to go and have a quiet read !