Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St Pauls Onslow Square

Imagine going into a church like St Johns, Filey.We are met outside by 2 young men ,could be angels, who say Hi Guys.  People are getting coffee , tea and cake (paying for it). Church is just an open space with cushion pads on the floor. Few settees around periphery (going to the wall!) for the olds. Loud young peoples music playing.Ten mins later the whole place is full of people on floor, chatting and drinking  and reading Sunday papers. 20 mins later the vicar-wearing jeans and shirt says 30 secs to go folks.
A band plays in the middle of the floor(3 guitars-LOUD) worship for 10 mins, then sit down and on settee at front where altar rail once was Nicky Gumbel interviews Andrew White-for 15 mins or so-all seen on huge screen as well. Lots of gentle evoking of HS. Then more worship, prayer-all together praying for Middle east out loud, then all close eyes as call to ministry time and a call for anyone not a Christian yet-then music -people prayed for but not in out front way, Time to leave -90 mins felt like 5.
No I didn't take any pictures, I did , but then it came up on the screen about no pictures and switch off mobile phones so I erased the ones I had taken . I leave you with a picture of a Peter Jones  window display. I also worship here.

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