Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Great Railway Journeys. Sheffield to Leeds

Great Railway Journeys I have done (6)
I had intended to make this a Great Railway Journey ,after all, this lover of train rides, this discerner of the track side had never been to Sheffield before. I was not disappointed only enlightened, enraged,amused and informed.
  • Now I know why Filey is the goal for the retired of Rotherham
  • Now I know how Geography should be taught
  • Now I know what Urban Distressed means
  • Now I know what Regeneration means
  • Now I know how Japanese Knotweed spread
So then. The approach to Sheffield Station is very upbeat.It is Known as Sheaf Square, and was an obvious regeneration project, water, steel, light,easy  perambulation, like part of an installation at the Saatchi. I haven't taken a picture of it. I need to see it on a gorgeous sunny day, when I have an hour to wait for a train, or like the Blinking Eye in Newcastle when coloured lights are playing. It will be a treat to look forward to.
My train to  Leeds was of the Metro variety. Empty until Meadowhall , it filled with shoppers who disgorged in dribbles until Wakefield, then filled with young people, and single Dads on their day for Access, with small children with hand held computer games, whilst Dads did Facebook on their iphones.  I felt I was in a different world . Even the older people were all texting and talking to their Christmas list , whilst I thanked God for the family playing football Top Trumps with their 2 boys . I was the only person with nothing to do but look out of the window on this 60 minutes amongst Everyman of South Yorkshire.
I have never seen so much for  ticking  in multiple choice Geography GCSE boxes.
  1. Signs of an industrial past ,present , or future?
Answer all three in this recycling plant CP Booth , buyers of all types of scrap metal.

2.  What signs of Regeneration of the area can you see from the train? 
a)Leisure facilities  b)Housing  c)Agriculture d)Economic Growth e) Art and Design
Answer all five
a)Leisure Facilities-Track for exercising your 4 wheel drives


c)Agriculture-Mushrooms or Chickens?

d)Economic Growth-New Retail Park

e)Art and Design -New office block and  Great Graffiti

Now I know it is cold March, no leaves on the trees, and all the bushes and herbage is as bare as it could be BUT the litter, rubbish, dumped fridges, bikes and old plastic items nestling at the side of the track was seriously PLENTIFUL. If it thought it would be unobserved  , or is just loitering for the arrival of the Refuse Services it is going to be depressed. I have NEVER  seen such TRASH since Slumdog millionaire.

The 2 highlights of the journey were

1.the Salt Depot. I have wondered for years what the use of these dome shaped constructions is? I have thought Planetaria, Nuclear Laboratories, Wheels of Death. The one on the Carnaby  Industrial Estate  has truly fascinated me. (See Hull to Filey  blog). How simple the answer. A salt depot. I feel I've found a pearl of great price.
2.The neat Allotments near Wakefield-and not a hint of Chris Beardshaw.

And so to Leeds.

 Leeds to Scarborough -no rubbish, just rabbits, pheasants, and fertiliser bags tied to sticks waving away the pigeons and crows.
And the Japanese Knotweed. That's another post!

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