Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Worst Weed Wednesday

What a good idea to hold a Worst weed Wednesday. Thank-you' The Home Garden. 'Click on their name to see more about their bright idea.

Here it is then . At the moment in my garden this little weed is a nuisance. It is Euphorbia Peplus, the Petty Spurge H/A up to 20cm on a good day.

  1. Firstly , it only has to look at the clouds and before the day is out it has grown 2 cm , flowered and set seed, or so it seems.
  2. It hides amongst the lettuces and spinach. This would normally be ok, but I am a poor cook , unable to wash and sort through my greens. I can usually do soil to plate in 10mins . Because I do not pick out strangers in an efficient way it is not uncommon for me to cook this little spurge as well. In a dish of Spinach it is just a green mush so the dear little Euphorbia hides bitterly. It is poisonous, as are all spurges. Perhaps they should be called Purges.
  3. It doesn't mind where it grows, when it grows and how tall it grows. I have seen a fresh green haze of them sprouting in February in the snow.
  4. It exudes a milky sap which is a magnet for small children playing in the what one hoped was an exciting environment of a safe kind. Is there one?

On the positive side it is a most attractive little annual, as are all its cousin cultivars. Just not at the moment Thank-you.Bet you cant spot it -but its there!

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