Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thanking you Headmaster cyberfashion

In a while I will be doing the drive again:
  • past the Orchids
  • Reighton Hill,
  • the 2 trees
  • the turning to Grindale,
  • the hedge with a dead fox behind it
  • Bridlington Hospital,
  • the place where Hockney did his latest Magnum Opus oka Morrissons Car park
  • the MMR award to Great Planting Roundabout
  • B nd Q
I am going to join your colleagues past and present as we all say THANK -YOU and wish you well as you leave the school which has been overseen by you for 20 years.
You don't know how grateful I was in the Summer term of 1993 when you gave me Supply Work. I so needed to supplement our income that I was getting free carrots from the greengrocer ,for the rabbit we didn't have, and making soup .
For the next 13 years I came and went on the Staff Team, term here ,short contract there, full time here and part time there. I was not the easiest employee I know that. The 'bit of a gob on me' part disrupted a few Staff Meetings. You will remember that you had to ask the Maths Co-Ordinator to request that I stopped calling you 'Boss' and use the correct form of address. So here I am thanking you sincerely S.... for the ways you supported, encouraged ,informed and disciplined me for my own good.
  1. I am retired now, and am grateful for all the advice and information you gave as you steered me through the last Official government paperwork I will ever have to do.
  2. Thank you for all the enthusiasm with which you embraced the world of ICT ,the Cyberworld, and turned me into a Techie. My family have watched me grow in confidence as I now Blog and Twitter do Spread Sheets and Websites. I am never bored. I have even written more with a real pen now that I have rediscovered language. LOL. You were the first person to show me a new Search engine ,GOOGLE ,You made sure all your staff including me had a laptop for work at home. You were ahead of the game with the introduction of Electronic Whiteboards in School, and the Computer Suite was school heaven for this older person. Now the first thing my 2 yr old Grandson says when he arrives in my home is ' Puter Grandma' . I hold my head up high.
  3. Your Monday morning Assemblies were a strength. Even before I had a vested interest in what you said I appreciated the many things you said about ordinary Family things .To hundreds of children many of whom lived in extra-ordinary if not strained Family situations you talked about your childhood in Leeds, your weekly chats with your old Father, the looking forward to Wedding assemblies . Who will ever forget your pictures of the Grand Canyon ? You gave children a rounded view of contentment.
  4. I loved your Shirts. The duck egg blue one was my favourite. The Red one however was your statement shirt, and I watched you on Red Shirt days to see where the day would go.
  5. I really appreciated working in a well ordered , clean and well decorated school. You see I had spent years in a school that was so dirty and untidy that I realised that surroundings do matter. Children do appreciate care ,and learn to be careful . The working enviroment was always under review, and I am sure that aspiring Heads trained for years with you learned much good Housekeeping Practice from you.
  6. You always demanded much from your teachers. We had to know what we were doing, the planning had to be done, the children had to be secure and stimulated, happy and well disciplined in our care. Working walls come and go, targets change, Govermment directives blow with the wind, Teachers climb ladders knocking off others as they go. It means nothing when viewed after a few years. BUT Thank you for liking and encouraging and affirming children. My own children would have been content in a class of yours. This to me is the bottom line.
LATER I have put 29 photos on Facebook. You will have to become my friend now!
Well I am home now from your DO. It was such a happy time. People were so genuinely pleased to come and wish you well for the future. May you and Pam thrive in the climate of change. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH.

The one and only time I did the minutes of the staff meeting I did a spoof copy of them for a select few . I think they could still be hidden in one of my files on the Server.


  1. Anonymous15.7.09

    Thank you Margaret for your kind comments. I recently applied to be School Improvement Partner; I failed the first assessment because I was too soft on the school. I failed the second assessment because I was too hard on the next school. It seems that The national college for School Leadership does not value my kind of people based headship. They are looking for number crunchers.

  2. Phew ! That was quite a blog!