Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Deep asleep , Deep asleep

So long ago now , our family break to Leyburn in April . I started a post and have just found the draft -too good not to post .
I had assumed my grandchildren would be captivated  by the legend of Semerwater, but they preferred mudlarking around.
No one fancied the trip to Bainbridge either with nerd Grandmother who wanted to see the Archimedes Screw , so I  had a delightful trip on the Little White Bus.
A close view was not possible without walking into a private garden so this was the best I could do . Believe me the Archimedes Screw is in centre of picture of the Bain falls.Keep watching, slight close up at end!!


  1. Excellent sound but sadly, no picture Margaret.

    1. Will send to utube and repeat when have a moment Ray.