Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hennebique ,it is then

Why do people get so steamed up about plans to build new houses ? 
Go ahead Allams , provide us with new homes around the Caroline Street site , it seems a small price to pay for the preservation of the only remaining building made using the  Hennebique construction , in the whole of Britain . so  what are the hidden agendas here?
  •  Will Rosedown and Thompsons be re-located to India , so what . Its no longer a Hull firm , and all the up and coming service industries employing people, are going to need houses within a walking distance from their offices in the newly regenerating City Centre. Why can't a wider picture be seen ?
  • Does our 'socialist' city still think that incomers on the rich list , and those not on the rich list but living in big houses in Sutton do not contribute to our City in any way , because they are rich . 
  • Are we too parochial anyway ? Thank you for your positive input for those who are refugees and migrants  Helena Spencer. The poor will always be with us , but the rich may be able to help . Information and balance  needed. 
I had no idea that reinforced concrete was discovered by Francois Hennebique , I always thought the Romans had discovered it , but have looked it up now and found it was Joseph Monier  . Perhaps Hennebique was the first to use reinforced concrete  for BUILDINGS. Since Hennebique's first Building in the UK , in Swansea has now been demolished  we surely need to keep our one . 

I was watching Time Team yesterday , where the Channel 4  team were excavating the very first Manchester Cotton Mill , which marked the start of Manchester as the worlds "first industrial city". Maybe a Hennebique concrete industrial building still standing , is well worth the preservation then , even at the cost of transformation . 

Salts Mill in Saltaire is one of my favourite places the visit in Yorkshire, preserved thanks to one very rich Yorkshire man the late  Jonathan Silver,   and now a homage to Burmantofts pottery and the work of David Hockney  . The difference here is that Salts mill is surrounded by the model village Saltaire , making it a World Heritage Site, thanks to Sir Titus Salt (rich Victorian business man ). 
 For the preservation of the Rose Downs and Thompson building for the history of Architecture the surrounding proposed housing development must be worthy of its neighbour. So then , ecological building systems , energy efficient and sustainable design ought to be insisted on by the Town Planners.  The proportion of affordable housing for LOCAL people should be maximized .The Joseph Rowntree Foundation  Thinktank has much valuable insight and research on this subject ;  this foundation  also sprung out of the work of another very rich Yorkshire man .

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