Monday, February 02, 2015

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View North Saltshouse Road from Newlands 260  c1965

View East from Newlands 260 Saltshouse Road  1965

History is happening in Facebook groups . I belong to several Facebook groups where people post photos of the places they remember and talk about them . Mu own experience started when our plumber started the group Photos of Filey Old and New . I am not a Filonian , and have only lived here for 23 years, but I do like to know about the houses and streets around me  and the characters that have given a place a certain Identity, real or imagined.
Cover pic of 'The Hull Connection' 
 One never knows if heresay is correct, and so the most people who discuss a place or an event , the more likely there will be agreement as to  the accuracy of the   remembered records of the past. I know that even though I was not born here I know a great deal about the recent past of 25 years, because I am part of it. I remember well now because I am not yet too old . 
Its very important to me that shared experiences are recorded for posterity if they are of common interest. I am enjoying the Listening Project on BBC. That too is recording History , not of facts about places necessarily , but about how that nation engages in talking to one another. 

And so too I am enjoying all the photos shared on another Facebook Group called Old Hull. A Hullesian I most certainly am. I was born in the Inchgarvie Nursing home in Albert Avenue, and we lived in a flat In Marlborough Avenue until 1953 when my parents bought some land from Mr Baston of Sutton and had Sewells build a house for us. Today Mike Savage posted an old photo of Saltshouse Road. It showed all the 1930s Houses built just North of Sutton Annexe Hospital.
 It has a link with Filey too, as Im sure that when the Princess Royal came to open the Annexe it was about the same time she opened the Royal Parade in Filey. We stood outside our house in Sutton and waved at her, and thought of our friend Margaret Spooner who would be giving her the bouquet at the hospital,  privilege of being the daughter of the builder no doubt .

I left home to go to college when I was 18, and never again
lived at home, a sister still lives in Sutton Village, and my interest in the history of the village and of Old Hull has never flagged. As Hull heads for it City Of Culture status its so important it realises not only where it has come from but why it is the way it is.  I have had such joy from a book of Poetry I picked up recently called The Hull Collection.

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  1. I have recollections flooding back now, after your comments on the Hull blog . My question is "Why would that clutter of houses on Saltshouse Road be made into a postcard ? " Could it be to do with the Spooners ?