Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Look what was found in the St Oswalds Chest....

I wonder how many wardens of the Parish have looked in the chest. Most since it was given I'm sure,  just incase something has been missed off the Inventory for the Visitation of the Archdeacon. Colin was helping Anne last week , and here's what they found. We wont know who it was went to the service and donated the emphemera; The Ticket and The Order of Service. 
My friend Rachel tells me that The Crimson Field on TV was well worth viewing , I will have to see the re-runs . I've also been thinking of John Siddle teaching me in 1963, when we did War Poets for O level English Literature, and how those poems are still remembered over 50 years later. 
Those I serve I do not love, those I fight I do not hate (Yeats)

The Old lie 'Its a sweet and beautiful thing to die for one Country' (Owen)

As remembered

One of the Prayers from the Service
People of my age all learned the story of Edith Cavell, as now young people just simply astound me with their sensible, loving and thoughtful take on the "war to end all wars ".

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  1. I too can quote from the war poets , thanks to Mr Siddle ., e.g. Naming of Parts , Dulce est .....

    For our Book Group we will be doing " The Lie " by Helen Dunmore .