Thursday, May 01, 2014

in on the plot

Two small boys in Reighton Nursery of the Botanical kind can actually have quite a good time if a visit to the 'cafe ' is factored in. I say 'cafe' but actually it is a small decked area in the middle of a green house down the houseplant end with a few tables and chairs and a vending machine. The boys loved it,  worked out all the options for the money available and enjoyed every mouthful and sip. A blackbird was the entertainment , resident no doubt amongst the verdage . Then on to the seeds. I gave them a sort of free rein.
Reuben chose Carrots and Zak, Sweetcorn . Colin and Zak have planted the Sweetcorn in modules ready for transplanting later . Plastic potlets are sitting in the corner of the yard waiting for warmth. Reuben and I ,with Cleo did serious business on the allotment. Reuben dug his metre square, removed the stones and strung 2 string marker lines across his tiny piece of England. He made the drills, sowed the seeds , covered them and watered them and now he is waiting too for warmth. Bernard my allotment partner will water them  whilst we are away. I am praying for gentle rain every evening as my Asparagus bed breathes a sigh of relief that its only in its second year and the pigeons are hopefully thwarted by the bird scarers . I am on my way to Iona , but thinking of what I'm leaving behind for 12 days and expecting miracles of the Growing Kind.


  1. Good to see you are back in green finger mode again. The trip to Iona, while probably wonderful will be at a time of year when our always unpredictable climate is at its most uncertain.
    Not quite Summer, sometimes Springlike and others dipping back into Winter.
    I do hope you suffer no setbacks in your absence, Am currently watching my tree peony like a hawk. It has 12 huge buds, the most it has ever had but frost is forecast for Friday night.

  2. I 'm almost tempted to come this weekend too to water and lovingly tend ! But frost is forecast for tomorrow night so I must cover the echium now I have planted it . Now this year you really must get a sighting of THAT
    BIRD !!!!! Oh ! I really wish I was there again .

  3. I have forgotten all about my garden and all the cleaning i didnt do in the house before I left, and am sitting on my bed in Iona watching the ferry go in and out. Have just heard several Corncrakes very loudly taunting me . I love Tree peonies Ray . I cant imagine frost in May, but its cold in Iona and Colin has 4 layers on.