Monday, April 01, 2013

St John Eliot

I have had such a feast enjoying Baroque Spring  for the last weeks, and it finishes today with the Marathon Bach Concert from the Royal Albert Hall. 

A Passionate Life  a biography of JS Bach  on BBC2 on Saturday night was the highlight of my Easter. Even the humanist Phillip Pulman surprised me with a positive quote about God . Today the Marathon, which I am hearing through  Radio 3, the wonderful Goldberg variations are just about to start. In the BBC clip during the scene shift I thought I heard George Martins name mentioned sans hearing aid, reminding me of my favourite Beatles song , In My Life' which was heavily 'bached' by him. 

Money from son for recent birthday is spent  . It was supposed to be for a kneeler for the Allotment. I have pre-ordered my favourite Bach Cantata instead , which should arrive by Ascension Day, if not well before as is released tomorrow. 

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