Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fileygardener becomes a real one again

This is me a few weeks ago with Bernard my allotment partner .A year ago we were talking gardening after church and I said I would love an allotment again (22 yrs since my Surrey one). So we agreed that we would share one  as neither of us could manage a full one. A year later and we have it. 
Colin and I went to see it and I was overwhelmed! It is fantastic. It had been maintained up until back end, the soil is good loam, and it has a shed, two baths for rainwater, an incinerator ,an apple tree, gooseberries, raspberries, and 6 crowns rhubarb. Bernard is already negotiating the transfer of a greenhouse. He is going to be a great mentor for me, as I am a gardener of the slapdash sort , and he is neat rows and level ground, and everything in its place.
My mind is reeling with plans. 
On Friday I went for another look with all the grandchildren. (4 ,aged 6-9). They already know lots and were asking for their own bit for sunflowers, and doing the I Spy Garden book. I had forgotten just how enthusiastic small children could actually be, spotting wheelbarrows, chickens, cabbages,lawnmowers and compost heaps. I nearly forgot ; we have 2 compost heaps.  Today after lunch Colin and I , 2 small boys, Daughter and her Husband, the Filey domiciles, came for  a look. I and N have offered to dig my portion over for me.(!!) So I showed Nick how to do Double Digging. We will all go on Saturday next. I will have to give further instruction on removing all couch grass rhizomes. I saw that Bernard had already started a heap of not allowed on compost heap. We'll have a burn up in the incinerator when its dry. Daughter has asked for pumpkins. I am planning Asparagus bed and  a Lavender hedge. 
I am nestling up now with my Chiltern Seeds catalogue. I wonder if I'll get done if I try a few Echiums.


  1. I envy you (your energy too). The allotment sounds like an inherited Heaven.
    These days I can barely find the energy to cope with my tiny overcrowded garden, though I have at last pruned all but one of my Buddleias.
    If the extreme cold ever lets up I will continue until it begins to look like a garden again.
    If you play your cards right, you could get all your youthful 'helpers' to do the hard work and you could sit and enjoy the fruits of their labours. Idea?

  2. Yesterday , and for all half term with the Sussex family ,was lovely mild and dry. I went to bed last night thinking I would go to plot and do some weeding. Its ghastly today so I'm lighting the woodburner and throwing away old post. Imogen and Nick are quite taken with the plot, so I think u are right and I will get help. Colin has no interest at all and is very anxious that I will be spending all my time socialising with all the other plot holders. But actually its peace and quiet Im after. Wish u were round the corner and I could pass on some of the Asparagus I have in my minds eye , or perfectly formed beetroots and bench winning leeks. Bernard is growing organically so no chance for me, as my answer to pests has been spray 'em. Am going to have to change

  3. you are getting me inspired again ! I ve got the rhubarb already but after sprouts failure , carrots failure , beetroot not so good ,salad ok . You will have to do some planning for me ! I 'm down hearted after my attempts the last few years . Shall I just blame it on the weather and soil ???

  4. Yes , the weather has been simply awful for the last few years.I said to Colin we shoul;d all be planting paddy fields but he said it was too cold for rice.