Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lost track of time

My friend is staying with  us. She is Post Operative by a week , and we have all lost track of time in this household. I say that because we are presented with another episode of Holby City , thinking we had only seen the last one 2 days ago. 
We are all going slowly. A is walking a bit further every day. Spouse is hoping A's recovery is slow as he is loving the food. A doesn't realise we don't eat like this every day. My butter curls for the breakfast tray get better each day. I am the mistress of the understated  effort, and spouse the master of interesting conversation. 
On the other hand , poor A does not usually watch any TV, and here she has a rich diet of it. A doesnt usually eat much, and here our nod to sensible eating is to try and use smaller dinner plates. We are all jogging along together nicely. Small boys burst in after school to provide a 5 min diversion and we of course have the welcome visits from the Betterware Lady and Dustbin men, but this is a very quiet household at the moment.
I have been to Beverley today to see Aged Parent, and spouse has been on duty here. Aged Parent has spent the last 9 months juggling her engagement diary. She has visits to Chiropodist, Dentist, Oncologist, Surgeon ,Diabetic Clinic and Tescos in rotation and often mistakenly in tandem.
No I daughter started a new job last week . She is loving it  and we are all relieved. We have enjoyed the 6 weeks she spent between jobs, as she was often here with us and educating us in the fashions , fitness routines and food habits of a young person .We now know the part Primark pays in the budget of  the under 40s, why Sushi is popular, and what life is really like at the school gate.
I have't yet got used to the death of Samson . No one is rushing to the fridge door when the smell of chicken wafts into the kitchen .

So you might think we are settled back into our regular and routine dizzy life. We haven't .

 In 10 days we go back to Croydon to finish off the clearing of Aunty Jeans flat before the exchange and completion.  WE have managed to get us tickets for Hedda Gabler at the Old Vic . We will also factor in a trip to the V and A for the Exhibition of Hollywood Costumes.  On the 4th November we will go to the chapel at Whitgift House  for a Service of Remembrance  for those who have died there in the last 12 months. It will I hope bring a kind of a closure to our hectic travelling, our manic bus riding round the leafy suburbs and our heartbreaking disposal of a lifetime of ephemera.


  1. It is good to 'see' you again, if you know what I mean.
    You seem to have been living 10 peoples' lives in the past few months.
    Time to slow down do you think?
    So sorry to hear about Samson, you must miss him terribly.
    Every blessing Margaret.

  2. Yes we are looking forward to our afternoons with a pack of biscuits and Midsomer Murders in front of the log burner.I will be able to read blogs again and catch up Ray!

  3. I agree with Ray . It was good to read your evocative blog today .