Friday, July 06, 2012

Just seeing how Daydreamer is doing..

I am home for 3 days before off to London again . I am still seeing to the selling of my Aunts flat. She is safe but not happy in a wonderful nursing home in South Croydon. I couldn't watch anything on TV at the moment about the Elderly.
I have spent the last six months shouting to the deaf , discussing the drip symbols on Pads and facilitating Transport to clinics, Chiropodists, Doctors and Out Patient departments with my Elderly relations.That is as well as moving house and helping our Parish to do the Parish Profile  as we depend on God to get us a new vicar.
So I am up in bed with the netbook and ITVplayer. I have just watched ' Lewis' as Colin watches the programme downstairs about Care Homes. So I thought I would see how Daydreamer was doing.Guess what , Ray is blogging about getting older!! I love her blog. She is always herself, and because she is not out to impress she succeeds in doing just that.
I am going to be a lazy Old Lady . I know how to sit in bed and wait for cups of tea. I know how to spend hours doing Twitter and blogposts, adding comments to those Blogs I follow. I am not going to moan about not having a shower, I will get them to wash me all over, the Care Assistants. I won't let them call me Margaret. I am going to be Mrs Rowling until I am gaga. I am not going to do a Living will as everyone knows my Statement of wishes already. I am not going to let anyone recycle my body parts, and I like Prawns and Hummous and would like the Asian Diet if I have a choice.
 In Aunty's Nursing home there doesn't seem to be any spicy food to tick every day when the menus come round. Aunty of course doesn't like anything!
 I am going to have the very latest TV with a 38inch screen, but I am going to use earphones.
I think I will start labelling my underwear now, as I don't want to end up with underwired bras belonging to someone else.
I hope I get a room with a view. My aunt looks over the Cricket field of the Whitgift School. I would like a road as well so I can make up Maths games with  the Traffic, and south facing would be good if I could have a blind that is controlled from my bed with a remote.
Aunty has been in 4 places since she lost her mobility but not her brain. I have told her that this one is  5star and I meant it.  The Care Assistants, Nurses, and Admin Staff are a dedicated  and loving team. Some of them will be doing unspeakable tasks on the minimum wage.
My Fileygardening posts are on hold. I have not done any Fileygardening.  I have not even done any Fileyweeding. The garden at the Old House is fully overblown. It looks wonderful. Today I found an Echium had crossed (More later). The spinach is rampant. The garden at the cottage is a small back yard. 4 nights away from Colin have enabled him to buy even more plants we don't need  to add to the pond in a tank (complete with tadpoles and a frog staircase) that we have no room for. When my washing is on the small line it has to negotiate pots , canes, a 3'bay tree, a 4'olive tree, 2 tomato plants and a wall of ivy before it can dry.
I am however feeling very upbeat, I have plenty to look forward to and that I think is going to be the secret of my Old Age when it comes further on. I shall pray against pain, and try not to complain. So dear Daydreamer you might not be doing the Budgie any more but I look forward to the dotage posts . I am with you on staying in your own home too. Just make sure you can find room for a bedroom downstairs.


  1. Dear kind Margaret, glad you think my mindless jottings worthy of your attention.
    As to the dotage posts, since my father was 96 and my mother 103 when they popped off, you might have rather a long wait!
    I hope you have a little time for yourself now, you've certainly earned it.

  2. Had a little chuckle at the accumulation of plants !!! Sure you don't want a few auriculas? Nice little pots that won't get in the way of the washing !!!!!After all , you gave me the seeds ! Oh ! Well . Having just repotted them its time to pester my friends . I 'm thinking that the Nursing home on the front would suit me . I would have a road to watch , strolling tourists in the summer but the great stormy seas in the winter . My walking frame could make it across the road to the front and I might even make it to the icecream kiosk ! Binoculars for watching passing ships and a balcony for my pot plants ! Motorised scooter to whip up the cobbles .Sorted !!!!