Monday, March 19, 2012

ABC ,Avocets, Brief Lull and Charity Shops

I am keeping up on the FileyParish Blog by processing and posting all the offerings for the Lent Blog.This has been my priority since Ash Wednesday.
All else is on hold until after our move is complete . Tomorrow Christ Church Bridlingtons  Man and Van come to move more furniture over to the cottage. We did a trial run with them some weeks ago to see if they could actually get our sofa through the door.
 New carpets are on the first floor of the cottage. When we lived there 20yrs ago we could see the sitting room through the bedroom floor where the carpet didn't fit . The yard is stocked with logs now for the woodburner, and the second bedroom ready to be the study. The cull of the books has had its second sweep. The eyes of the  helpers in the Filey Charity Shops almost glaze over when they see Colin and I approach with the sholley and the basket on wheels. Sometimes they find some treasures. We laughed when the firescreen sold the minute it went in the window, and  my posh shoes and my italian pink Grazia jacket.(I am blowing my own trumpet now , I cant bear the smell in the Charity Shops so I always wash all my offerings, C says its an unnecessary fuss.)  Funnier still was the 40's Persian Lamb coat that belonged to my grandmother , such items are now called 'Vintage' and have a rail of their own.My daughter tells me that 40s clothes are bought for the  Wartime weekends at Scarborough castle.

I am having a break from all things 'move'today'.I have had an extraction at the dentist, so have to sit quiet according to the handout. So I am enjoying an afternoon off, and thought I would just let you all know that I'm still here. My favourite TV night too-University Challenge and Only Connect. I am not moving a muscle, C is waiting on me. 
The Dams Filey-saw an Avocet
The picture of Filey Dams was taken 2 weeks ago. Since vicar Mary told us she will be leaving us at the end of June the PCC has been putting a Parish Profile together.  I was asked to submit some pictures to show Filey to anyone who might fancy being our vicar.
 I have been going to do a long post about this ever since my PhotoWalk. I just wanted to admit to having lived here for 20 years without taking a 20 minute walk across Filey to the Nature Reserve and Bird Hides of Filey Dams. Thankfully there were serious birders in the hides and able to let me see an Avocet using their Field glasses.So thank you for your help East Yorkshire Bird Tours.
A postscript.
As we will also be getting a new ABC , I have just read the Anglican Covenant through word for word. Thought you might like to know that.


  1. Glad to see you again (if you know what I mean), but sorry about the dentistry. I hope all goes well with the move and that it doesn't prove too stressful.

    I also never miss University Challenge, though pitting my wit (singular) against all those brains is fairly soul-destroying.

    Blessings, take it easy!

  2. Was very tempted to buy a "vintage " Laura Ashley dress in Oxfam , Kendal . It was £40 ! My current size not the size I was in the 70's !!!But the lovely small prints that we loved .

  3. Good luck with the rest of the move, Margaret.and hope your mouth feels better by now.

  4. Love the Primula heading photo . How long before the back of the cottage is full of pots of something interesting ? Hope you are recovered from the "tooth " episode .