Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gods in his heaven all's right with the world

Sounds like rubbish to me. I've had an awful Lent.
I've run out of time , patience and devotion. I am jealous, greedy, fat and self obsessed. No one likes me.  I want to have a blog like the Old Geezers with thousands of followers. I want to  have enough money to not worry when the window cleaner comes. I want to feel full of joy when I wake up every morning, instead of pretending I do. I want to remember to be disciplined , to wake up and start Praising  straight away, taking captive every thought and experiencing that place after a while where the sacrifice of Praise kicks in to knowing the presence of God. 
Then there's the news, what Darkness. 

Ive just got up. Its always worse first thing. 

That was a rant . I'm working it out. Ive read my bedside ancient copy of Imitation of Christ . The marker has got to Book 3 , Ch 54. Wouldnt you just know that todays bit is all about 

CHAPTER LIV (project gutenberg)
Of the diverse motions of Nature and of Grace

"My Son, pay diligent heed to the motions of Nature and of Grace,
because they move in a very contrary and subtle manner, and are
hardly distinguished save by a spiritual and inwardly enlightened
man.  All men indeed seek good, and make pretence of something
good in all that they say or do; and thus under the appearance of
good many are deceived. 
I've read on the whole chapter. Its sorted me out. or rather HE has. I am looking too at Bobby's post today on the Filey Parish Blog, and Pams yesterday. We are all having a time of it it seems. Thats good, sounds like a good Lent to me.

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