Sunday, March 27, 2011

Woman at the well

After Todays Reading H/T Emily Finch


  1. This left me wanting to say something but for once in my life not able to find the words.
    Try: irritatingly repititious
    any or all of these, yet I found myself caught up in the message in a way I don't normally experience.
    Thanks for the chance to see it (I think!)

  2. We had the story of the 'Woman at the Well' at Family Service today at St Oswalds Filey. I hadnt realised before our vicar Marys talk just how the woman at the well was really an outcast in her own community and why. The way Jesus spoke to her would have been a shocking breach of propriety, yet amazing when he revealed his insight .
    I agree the video was annoying -there are others on U Tube with the same monologue. It made me feel accepted and acceptible, and however much I tell myself that I am loved by God sometimes I need it screamed at me.

  3. well I loved it :) I too need to screamed at me sometimes, well quote ofen actually, it's a hard thing to take in sometimes.
    BTW have you seem Sues post on the same reading - also made me think today: