Wednesday, February 02, 2011

For Mary , Miguel and Nancy

I am going to post pictures and docs here at the Bruce Archive blog for you in Future. Its not got much on it, but is better to put in one place, Shall I put the photos on Picasa or Flickr  -I have lots!! Will do when I can.

This is my working  record. It is not accurate.Just a Guideline.


  1. Thank you very much for setting up the archive, I was thrilled to see all the information!

    I will try to put together my work on Alexander Wallace and let you have that here also.
    I have no photos of that period, only one of my great grandmother, Henrietta Bruce, in her nurse's uniform.

    Thankyou so much.


  2. Hi Margaret! Thank you very much for your post with so many details!

    I was occupied some time, but my research follows...

    These are the last advances made:

    I sent to Nancy a DNA kit with a sample of my uncle, Alberto Jorge Elder, ggg-son of Colin Elder (brother of Mary Mackinnon Elder), and brother of my mother, Irene. As you can see, the name George is present in the following 6 generations! I expect to find some relation with another Elders around the world.

    I am in contact with the Charles Booth Online Archive of the Library of the London School of Economics and Political Science, where I found an interview made to Rev. George Elder (youngest son of Colin Elder)date 1899. As you must remember, Rev. George Elder was my ggg-father (nephew of Margaret Mackinnon Elder).

    I made great advances about the tree family, connected with Agnes Mackie (wife of Colin Elder). Alexander Mackie, her father, was a cabinet maker, and they had some relationship with Colin Elder senior, because of the wife of Alexander Mackie, Elizabeth Stuart, was a daughter of Elizabeth Elder, a sister of Colin Elder Sr. . As I mentioned before, I believe all of us are descendants of a John Elder, born around 1720 at Aberdeen.

    The connection of my family with a lot of military notable men is for me, amazing. The wife of Rev. George Elder, Emma Griffin, was daugther of Colonel Charles Griffin, and g-daughter of Lt. Col. George Kingston. Emma was born at West Bengal, at the North West frontier of India.

    Looking for to clarify my own tree, I used a free software, Legacy 7.5 and I am recording all details I find out there. I will send the file by email to you and Nancy soon.

    One additional comment, Looking at your records, I read the cite "no issue", following the second marriage with Jane Johnstone. In fact, they two daugthers: Mary C and Matilda Ann. Attached, a link with 1841 and 1851 records.

  3. Hi everyone
    Have been doing some work on the Bruces again.
    William Bruce died in 1821 at St John's Hill, Edinburgh according to the Edinburgh Magazine (Scots Magazine).

    His son, James Sutherland Bruce, died of scarlet fever on September 2nd 1824, aged 22. He is buried in South Leith.

    Reading that has made me wonder about the other children, some of whom were relatively young when their parents died. Wonder what happened to them?

  4. Thanks for that -will pass it on to my sister who is the genealogist of us Bruces X

  5. I have found some information about John Bruce, one of William Bruce's sons. Blackwoods Magazine 1818 published the following:

    "At his father's house, St John's Hill, in the 20th year of his age, after a lingering illness, Mr John Bruce, son of Mr William Bruce, late banker, Edinburgh."


  6. I add an information that recently found, expecting it is new for you.
    Christian Sutherland, daughter of Rev. John Sutherland, minister of Dornoch, has a brother, Lt. of the 85th, John Sutherland, who died at Kingston, Jamaica,

  7. Is Rev. John Sutherland son of Rev. Arthur Sutherland of Edderton, minister of Golspie from 1731 to 1752, and afterwards of Tain? If he was, here you have attached a link of interest.

  8. Mor about Rev. Arhur Sutherland, who died at 1708.

    In the same book, references about General Sir George Elder and John Elder

  9. Well, I am just curious...Under the suposition that this Arthur Sutherland and John Sutherland were the g-father and father of Christian Sutherland, in the following book (unfortunately snippet view), details about the family of the mother of Christian and her family. (if I am correct)If i am wrong, please forget these posts.

  10. Janet Gordon was the name of wife of Rev. Arthur Sutherland, minister at Edderton.

  11. Well, excuse me again. Under the last supposition, Janet Gordon was a daughter of Alexander Ross, fifth of Easterfearn, from the clan Ross...

  12. After last discoveries, I suppose I bring you more confusion than facts.

    Apparentely, there were two Rev. John Sutherland on those times.

    1. Rev. John Sutherland, son of Rev. Arthur Sutherland of Edderton ( I mentioned before)and who was minister of Glospie in 1731 and Tain in 1752.

    2. Rev. John Sutherland, minister of Dornoch, son of Wiliam Sutherland. A family tree is available in the following link:

    A daugther named Christian is mentioned, but married with a sheriff Hugh MacCulloch.

    Christian and John (died at Kingston) match with Rev. JS of Dornoch, but father William.

    Rev. JS of Golspie match with father Arthur and descendants of Ross clan.

    Who is yours?

  13. Regarding the comments about Christina's father, the publication of the Banns in the St Cuthbert's parish records show that Christina was the daughter of the Rev John Sutherland, Minister of Dornoch.

    However, the notes in the Fasti (listing of ministers of the Church of Scotland)are a bit confusing.
    The notes for the Rev John Sutherland of Dornoch state that his daughter Christian married Sheriff Hugh MacCulloch; and that the Rev John himself was married to Elizabeth, daughter of John Sutherland, Minister of Tain. However, the record for the Rev John Sutherland, Minister of Tain shows that his daughter Margaret Janet married Hugh MacCulloch, writer, Dornoch.
    All very confusing. I have to do more work on this.

    I have also found a ref to Hugh MacCulloch in Donald Sage's "Memorabilia Domestica".

  14. A chronicle of The Edimburgh magazine:

    At St. John´s Hill, Edimburgh, Mrs. Christian Sutherland, daughter of the late Rev. John Sutherland of Dornoch, Sutherlandshire, and relict of the late William Bruce, banker, Edimburgh"

    And attached a reference to the same person (?)Christian Sutherland, but married with Sheriff Mcculloch.

  15. As I can understand the information available,Christian Sutherland, married first with Hugh Mccuclloch and afterwards with W. Bruce, banker.

    Christian, daughter of Rev. John Sutherland, minister at Dornoch and Elizabeth Sutherland, daughter of Rev. Sutherland of Tain.

    John Sutherland of Dornoch, son of William Sutherland.

    John Sutherland of Tain, son of Rev. Arthur Sutherland (link attached, snippet view)and related with clan Ross.

  16. Hugh McCulloch, sheriff of Dornoch, was probably drowned in the Meikle ferry disaster of 1809.

    H. McCulloch who was sheriff, was probably related with another Hugh McCulloch, secretary of Treausary. I believe the sheriff was a brother of Adam McCulloch, g-father of the Secretary or Treasury in the goverment of Abraham Lincoln.

  17. Attached there is a link with more information about Mr. McCulloch´s death.

  18. Dear Miguel

    Thanks very much for your comments on Christina Sutherland and Hugh MacCulloch. There is a lot of information to follow up.