Thursday, December 02, 2010

Advent 2010 and being a Sloane

Pete has done a great job . He has fixed the Parish up with another online Advent calendar.
 I am in London  staying near Sloane Square, and for the last time in what has been for Colin and I a wonderful retreat pad. The flat is to be sold now, so we will be back to Youth Hostels. We left Filey in thick snow and it has finally come to Chelsea. As you know I am a great fan of public Libraries, and my ticket for this one in Westminster is a treasured possession. So I am here amongst the brave and well shod seeing what todays offering on the Advent calendar is like.  Pam has done her first one-and I love it.Thanks Pam.  Thanks Google Docs too-you make everything easy and we can all look and see when to sign in for a slot, and the carol that others have chosen so that we do not repeat it.
The shops in the Kings Road and Pimlico and Sloane Squares flagship Peter Jones are all decorated in the best and worst of taste for Christmas.  No expense has been spared. I cant get the memory stick to work here in the Library so will have to post my pictures later.  But believe me, there is definitely a return to Christmas involving the Christian Story. As crib sets fly off the shelves in John Lewis(Oxford Street) and Peter Jones and the window displays everywhere astound the visual senses I am thinking of the helter skelter in Sterchis of Filey, and the comatose Santa in Katy Malones and thinking Advent is my favourite thinking time.

So tell all your friends to look at the Parish Online Advent Calendar and encourage them to start their thinking times too.

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