Friday, August 20, 2010

I've gone and put a blogroll on the Parish Blog

I hope the website team of which I am the humblest tea maker and biggest gob  will not mind that I have used my initiative . I've gone and put a blogroll on the Parish Blog. Pete Webmaster is away  climbing up to see the view of Tarn Hows  from fells covered in sheep droppings, clues left by a Mr Wainright, and lots of No Parking on this 1 in 3 minor road which is a single track  signs. Simon, headtaster  of Costa and Starbucks has left our team to organize the Youth Work of the Scottish Congregational Presbyterians on Twitter, Brian is in a caravan somewhere looking for Red Kites, and I have been left to play out with the Blogger Platform. We have an Emerging Team , but they have not all got PERMISSIONS .

So I have been into Gadgets , done it . I have been very careful to choose a mixture of blogs. I have been subtle too. I have not put it on the Home Page, but on the Faith Page.  I may not be discovered for years. Its on the Faith page at the moment. I am secretly wanting to be a correspondent in my own right with a Blogroll page-where Comments and Discussions will be vibrant, regular and the talk of  Passing of the Peace. What do you think of what the Churchmouse said, Is Frisby Wiske near Spurgeons Bible College, When does Ruth Gledhill do her ironing?Is Maggi Dawn her real name? all very spiritual.

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  1. 'When does Ruth Gledhill do her ironing,' you ask? And you want people to notice your blog! You have asked exactly the right question. Don't worry, your blog will be noticed. You have a natural instinct for getting to the nub of life's most important issues. I often ask myself the same question, but not as often as my husband and son ask it as they leave the house in crumpled shirts and dishevelled karate suits. I am awaiting eagerly the iPad ironing app so that we can throw away our iron altogether. Then there's the iPad cooking app, the iPad do-my-son's-homework app, the iPad clean-the-catlitter app and the iPad shut-the-cat-up-when-it's-in-season app. All just waiting for some developer to find a way. Now where did I put that b****y iPad anyway and when am I going to find time to write my stories when I'm getting sidetracked by blogs like this one? Life is particularly chaotic today because our au pair has a slipped disk. That's a thought - didn't they used to use irons to sort those out before the days of iPad apps? The iPad lumbar app. Maybe I'll develop my own. Lucky for the au pair that she's escaped to the hospital! Now I REALLY MUST stop reading you and Caitlin Moran's gripping interview with Rolling Stone Keith Richards and get back to work xxx