Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thirsk and Malton (and Filey) run on Election

  •  Why is the word FILEY  not in our constituency's title ?
  • Why has my husband had  a personal(find and replace on Word personal )  letter from Nick Clegg asking him to vote for the Liberal Democrat's candidate in our Election tomorrow?
  • Why didn't I have a letter from Nick Clegg?
  • Why didn't they address the letter to both of us?
  • Do the Liberal Democrats have so much money to spend they can afford a letter and a stamp for all the males of the constituency in their database?
  • Where do the Liberal Democrats get their names and addresses for cold call invitations to vote for them?
  • Have they trawled the subscriptions to Social Work magazines for names and addresses?
  • Are they interested in the member of this household who blogs, twitters and helps run the Filey Parish Blog OKA  Vox Populus ?
  • Am I going to vote for the Conservative candidate who spent £5000 on gardening ?
  • Am I going to vote for the Labour candidate who according to the Liberal Democrats candidate has no chance ?
  • Does the Old  Liberal  candidate have any chance of picking up the votes of those who do not vote for someone whose Lib Dem Party is led  by a Public Schoolboy?
  • Or will UKIP  surprise us all?

6368 men and women  (2001 Census)  of Filey please JUST VOTE

I got these  stats from the census link on Bill Lealmans innovative and inspiring Filey Blog called Bill's website



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