Friday, February 05, 2010


I have done everything I usually do
  • turned over
  • been for short walk to bathroom
  • prayed through the alphabet twice for people whose name fits the letter. This time I even remembered an X
  • gone downstairs and made a cup of de-caf tea
  • eaten 20 black peppered cashew nuts, or maybe 25
  • been on Facebook and looked at the pages of all the friends I havent noted for the last 6 months
  • been on Facebook and seen the pictures of my new great-and as yet un-named niece born yesterday, sorry the day before yesterday.  It is 3 in the morning so its technically Today for me.
  • been on Facebook and tried to chat to the only 1 person online that I knew but by the time I had pressed his name he was offline 
  • put some socks on as my feet are cold
  • decided to go back to bed and try again

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