Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Rex Whistler in Pickering

Seven of us in Filey Parish went to a conference in Pickering last Saturday. It was a grand day out. I love a change of scenery ,a trip to somewhere near but not familiar enough to be commonplace. I hadn't been to Pickering this year. The Organic shop used to pull us with its feel good to the environment ,don't eat chemicals attraction. I now think that to drive 20 miles to get apples and veg for 2 on a regular basis is not actually helping our carbon footprint , now I know what that means. So until my helpful, friendly and personable local greengrocer gets some organic apples we tread the pray against harm and wash the fruit thoroughly path.Of course we tell all our summer visitors to go to Pickering.  It is a delightful day out from here,castle, railway, junk shops, wall paintings , Beck Isle Museum, Pottery and great shops.
Our day Conference was on Pastoral Prayer Training. The speaker was excellent, BUT the HALL was fantastic. When I asked the organiser how much the hall had cost , I could see the cogs in his mind whirring. I wasnt going to ask him to justify his expenses at all, I simply thought the VENUE was great. It had everything
  • Comfy upright chairs
  • decent crockery
  • Pristine loos
  • Interesting and Charming Community Millenium Tapestry
  • Lots of free parking around (in winter!)
  • a beautiful feel
  • a view of Pickering Beck through the vast  picture windows
I kept thinking during the lunch break, What can I hire this hall for? Too far for party for grandchildren, or BeverleyMothers  90th birthday,maybe ok for Parish Away day! I will store the info in one of the reservoirs of my memory.
One thing however rankled.

It is awful, it spoils the room, DOES ANYONE LIKE IT, if so COMMENTS PLEASE.


  1. James Jefferies2.12.09

    I'd just like to say that I don't like it one bit. Is it in a prominent position or one where you could accidently cover it in magnolia?

  2. It is on the wall about 12'up and looks at first distant glance like a Hatchment,same size and colour-way, there will be no way it can be obliterated as is by Whistler. The Pickering Memorial Hall has several letting spaces, and we were in the Whistler Hall ,I now know where the name came from. I seem to remember that murals by Whistler were in the Tate Gallery (Millbank)restaurant, but they were Ok ish.

  3. It reminds me of my Dad. his favourite thing was Coconut Macaroons which My Grandma was very good at but 2WW rationing brought them to a halt. After the War and with the return of Coconut he ate a whole tin. Needless to say I imagine him like the boy in the middle, rather puce!!

  4. There's a story to it. When Whistler was stationed in Pickering during the war with the Welsh Guards, they organised a Christmas Party for the children of the town and this was Whistlers contribution to the party. I think the children were actual people. (Shortly after that he was killed in action in France). I know this because my husband restored this painting a number of years ago for the Pickering Memorial Hall, having to cut it off the wall and reposition it. I really hope no-one covers it with Magnolia!

    1. My sister and I were in Glasgow last week and looking at the Whistlers in the Hunterian, I was telling her all about finding your Whistler in such an unexpected place. Its the eyes I dont like, but as the picture is by such a famous artist Im sure no one will cover it with Magnolia, and its a great talking piece. Thanks for your timely comment .