Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hull Truck .

A couple of weeks I blogged about my trip to the city of my birth to visit Hullsister. I went again last Thursday. We had a lunch at the Foyer cafe in the NEWsited but old Hull truck Theatre. The soup was only £2.95, and was a meal in itself, and delicious.  John Godber was having soup too I think ,at an adjacent table. I say I think , because it was Hull sister who recognized him.  I only know my fellowschool child , now thespian of note, Barrie Rutter from my Greatfield Days .
The Hull truck , could have been my rendezvous place. It is certainly much better then the euphemistically called Interchange. I won't be meeting Hullsister at that coffee stand any more even though the flower stall is attractive. The Hull Truck theatre Foyer is a buzzy place with a great atmosphere.  The cafe-bar staff are efficient and charming.  Hullsister and I spent a productive time discussing Aged Parent (of Beverley), and Plays we think we could get her too, having got a wheelchair from  Community Junction. (01482 212832)What an innovative idea!

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