Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweet maidens of IsleOrnsey

I have a copy of a book, Turners 'Rivers of France' inscribed as you can read to the daughters of the Elder Family in 1840. This book has come down to me , through the family of Mary McKinnon Elder, of which all branches have now died out. I remain with my 2 sisters only. I also have Mary Mckinnon Elders workbox (sewing box) and the mourning brooch inscribed Margaret Elder 1827 (aged 18 died) and a ring inscribed MMcD to MMcB no date but looks Georgian.
I do not have any information about my Elder forbears. My Cousin in Argentina knows far more than I do.
The keeper of the family archive was Eva Borthwick , a grandaughter of Mary McKinnon Elder.I remember her well. She died in about 1955.


  1. Thank you again. Very kind of you!

    The book you show me, if I understand properly, was dedicated by General James Welsh. With Mr Noel Purdon (a Salmon descendant and writter about Welsh family), we checked that Matilda Ann and Alexander Macdonald Elder lived at Knock, after he came back from India, I suppose, with some health problem (Army records are very complete!)

    Margaret Elder was the oldest sister of Colin and Mary Mckinnon.

    What a mistery!. MMcB probably was Margaret MacBean. Who was MMcD?

  2. Here attached some links refered to some members of our family.

    Life of Major General Sir.George Elder. I found it in The United Service Magazine Journal of 1837. Some subjects are mentioned in the book "The brave men of Skye" It was gently uploaded by Mrs. Elder Peterson, a friend of mine.

    "The cruise of the Betsey" of Hugh Miller, scotland writer and a friend of Colin Elder, with some mentions to him in a trip to Scotland isles.

    Another book, with references to John Elder

  3. If you are interested in these old stories, you must read this book.A Short Sketch of the Lives of Francis and William Light, the Founders of Penang and Adelaide ..." with some references to James Welsh.

  4. Hi Margaret,

    I found this this house, "our" Knock house at Sleat?