Thursday, March 05, 2009

To Twitter or not to Twitter

Now that I have managed to download my Tweetdeck I can see why this Twitter business is so interesting. By asking the Tweetdeck to siphon off Tweets from Twitterers who have never been my friend, I have an unlimited resource for my Lent Blogging (Filey Parish :Blogging for Lent). All I have to do is ask the app to sort those mentioning a key word, in this case Lent. They come streaming in .I can look at the profiles of the Twitterers and decide to follow them or not. In this way I have been amazed at the hundreds of strangers twittering on about What they are giving up for Lent, Why Lent is a great Idea, Why lent is a C...p idea, and on and on and on..
Now I can understand all the newspaper articles, online blogs, TV conversations and radio quips.
No I am not going to follow Steven Fry or Barack Obama. I am sifting and sorting . I like the updates everyday from Kew Gardens , from Garden Adventure, from my twittering Facebook friends, from Ruth (Ruthie she calls herself-who would have thought it)Gledhill the Times Religious Affairs Correspondent, and from unknown scribes who inspire me with their joie de vivre over the twittersphere. I am not trying like Bishop Alan to see if I can make 500 followers (he has 821 now ).My son has 526 friends on Facebook, I dare not think what will happen when he discovers Twitter. He sure couldn't manage without a Tweetdeck.

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