Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Master of the Robarts

Introducing to the world again the noble visage of my ancestor Benjamin John Elder who died in 1856. Master of the sailing ships the 'Lady Susan 'and the 'Robarts' he is resplendant in plaster on our hall table. A forerunner of the digital photograph a plaster bust was the resort of the not so rich ,who wanted posterity without notoriety. At the moment I am using his face for my profile on Facebook where I hope every one of my five friends will appreciate him. I am hoping for notoriety for posterity.


  1. Mrs. Margaret, another comment. In my family, there was a commander named Benjamin John Elder (b. 1807). He was a son of John Elder, mentioned before in other comment, and nephew of Major General Sir George Elder. One of his sisters was Mary Mackinnon Elder.
    As mentioned before, my ancestors lived at Skye, and the oldest brother of them (Mary and Benjamin) was Colin Elder, my gggg-father. Another brother, Alexander Macdonald Elder was married with Matilda Welsh, a daughter of General James Welsh.

    I am sorry if you have no relation with this family.

  2. I am sorry, additonal dates. As I could reasearch on the web, The "Robarts" was a ship with an habitual route Plymounth - Bengal or Madras. Major General Elder, uncle of "my" Benjamin Elder died in Madras in 1836. I cant find till now any references about another Benjamin John Elder. Father: John Elder, mother: Margaret MacBean. Apologies my enthusiasm.

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