Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wine Bar

Aged Parent, flooded out, is still on her Royal Progress around the North of England staying with a daughter at a time. Not having ready access to her very own Bank, Building Societies and Post Office, she is having to work very hard and without benefit of Calculator, to keep her paperwork up to date. She eagerly awaits B.... St........s. She knows to a day the date they should be due. She will not phone Calcutta. She has been with them for 60 years.
Today she has walked , with sholley to the local branch of her very own Bank. She asked to see the Manager or the Chief Accountant. I held my breath. She was shown straight in, helped up the steps, and was away for at least 10 minutes as I sat on the leather sofa, chatted to a friend waiting for another aged one, and heard an aged client moan to the teller behind the toughened glass that the service was not what it was.
Aged parent said you would never have known it was a Bank Manager. She had no stockings on, only sandals, and need a Hairdo."Did she do her job, did she do as you asked?" I asked nervously. "Oh! Yes" said Aged Parent.

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