Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rest In Peace -Angela Swansborough

When we moved to Dorking in 1981 the Dorking Christian bookshop had just opened. I asked Tony , the manager to put me in touch with any one I might pray with. He gave me Angela Swansboroughs name and address. I remember he sort of grilled me first as to what sort of person I was, very wise . Angela was my friend and support for all the years we lived in Dorking, she saw me through my own operation for cancer in 1982, and we were there for her in 1987 when her life  and circumstances changed so dramatically. 
She will be known for always as the person who did a Jericho on Dorking. She did circuits of many miles around the perimeter of the town, and did it just as Joshua did, 6 times round and then shouted the victory on the 7th day. It took her a day a week for 7 weeks. She would not have company, it was HER job, a PRAYER MARCH for the Lord.
Years later Thora and I did the same round the Dorking Christian Bookshop, and more recently I joined 3 Christians as we marched around  St Oswalds Church 7 times ,  claiming an outpouring of the love of God on the Town, and the breakdown of strongholds.
So we will remember all the things we learned from you Angela Swansborough, and Praise God for you. 
May light eternal rest on you

You are as David Watson so famously wrote as he knew he was to die , 'I will be
-with Christ which is far better'

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