Sunday, June 27, 2010

Filey Dawn

For about three weeks now Colin and I have awoken with the first light . There is something promising about a day which starts with a bright start , especially when I don't have to get up and go to school.  Spouse has had to leave the house at 7am several days this week to go to work in Liverpool and Leeds. He is the early bird anyway, and whereas I always stumble downstairs to say 'Goodbye' to him I am usually not keen to be as Tim Norwood says being and doing at such an hour. I can quite easily turn over and go back to sleep at 4.30 am in the morning.  'No, I don't want a cup of tea now Darling, Thank You! Even that takes some saying in the half light. Treading on ones dreams takes on  a stark meaning , not what Yeats meant at all. So for three weeks I have had a bright thought on my half waking.

I will get up now, I will get dressed quickly and walk around the corner to the Fishermans ' Lookout and take a great picture of the Dawn for the Blog.

So the solstice has passed without action. I will get up today.  I will get up today definitely.  I am going to get up today.It will be a great picture, it will get sent to Carol Malia, or the  Filey Mercury will want to use it.

I will put on  my day-glo socks in case I am overtaken by a passing fisherman on his way to the lookout. I will take a mug of hot tea with me. I will wear my glasses, putting in my contact lenses will signal an up for the day, and I will NOT be.

Aurora disappointed me .I didn't see the slightest hint of her red flannel petticoat as she got up.
So its going to be another lovely day in Filey

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