Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Music Room

I wondered all the way through the book why it was called 'The Music Room', and did not find out until the last chapter.
My Reading group choice last month was a ghastly and ghostly book by Sarah Waters called 'The Little Stranger'. We nearly all sort of liked it. The story kept us going. We had a good discussion about it. A book centered around a decaying Grand House . 
As I looked at this months choice . I thought Oh! NO !Not another book about a Stately home!
This book says Hope and Joy on every page, in the midst of a Family living with a Son with Severe Epilepsy.
I knew a bit about Epilepsy before I started the read . My niece had spent several years working in a Residential Centre for Children with Severe Epilepsy in the late 90s. She had a tale or two to tell about George , her special Client. At her wedding , George was an honoured guest, and yet physically like a 7 stone baby. In 'The Music Room', Rich Fiennes is a severe Epileptic, but nothing about him but his manner, and demeanor would single him out.
With my hindsight of knowledge , and hindsight about 'The Little stranger' I was prepared to enjoy William Fiennes book from Page 1. Half of it I hated -pages and pages of real Case histories about Epilepsy. I cant see why this book got such acclaim.  Yes it is an interesting , even fascinating picture of life in a gem of a Stately home. The family seem so ordinary, loving and caring. It was only remarkable because of the goings on in the daily lives of those who did and do live in an ancient house, where money is earned for its upkeep by hiring it out  as a Location. I know a lot more about living with a moat, about lead joins on flat roofs, about the way the Landed gentry make do and mend. 
It was a good choice for our reading group coming as it did straight after another book about landed gentry. The contrast will no doubt  be made on our next meeting.
I ask this question 

'Why is William Fiennes so acclaimed?'

I read many essays every day from ordinary people called Bloggers. Their lives and Literary styles are Hope and Joy on every Post as well. Many of them are unknown literary Giants, treasured wordsmiths and astute commentators on the third millennium.  How will they ever know how valued their Efforts are?  So if you are a blogger -keep going someone might be enjoying your words without you ever knowing it. You will have made their day. I am going to add to my Blog Rolls and  keep commenting.

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