Friday, September 04, 2015

Hoping it will all go away..

Hoping it will all go away , maybe so, as David Cameron has had to do a u turn in the way he is perceived to be dealing with the humanitarian crises of the Refugees, Asylum seekers and migrant workers trying to enter Dover. Should the title say Hoping they will all go away, go somewhere else? This whole situation is making everyone talk. After Christmas everyone was talking about Je suis Charlie, and now that the dust has settled on this topic we can all look back and re-assess our thoughts and actions at the time.

My husband , not usually talkative before breakfast , thinks that the mood of the people , the vox populi is driving the actions of not only the politicians, crowd pleasers and passengers on the Bayswater Omnibus but  in themselves are the force  force driving the  momentum of the mood, voice and actions of the UK . Everything going on seems to be in direct reaction to the pictures on the Front Pages , on the TV and especially for me on Twitter and Facebook . People are saying the most awful things on Twitter ,negative things and cruel things about other humans. If the Humanitarian crises unfolding at present were Caninitarian, everything , reactions, actions , talk and banter would be so different . 
Its seems to spouse and I that all the crises at the present have never had a parallel in human history before, as never before have the Social Media been such disruptive, positive and  negative driving forces. 
Aged parent talked about the rise of fascism in the 30s, an uncle talked about being one of the first into Belsen , a friend had to deal with  foot  and mouth outbreaks in 2000. None of these happenings had the Benefit, if thats the word of TWITTER, and even now people don't believe that the Holocaust ever happened, and we cant assimilate the Humanitarian Crises of genocide in Africa as being like a Holocaust, the Nigerian girls trafficked now nearly 2 years ago have still  not been found.

Today Louise Hanks sent me a message , which I received as I was sitting up in bed doing my YOU VERSION Bible Reading. She wanted me to share her post on the Filey Parish Facebook Page. I had to read her message , as the message logo was covering my bible reading. She is asking for donations of Teddy Bears for the children of Syrian and other  refugees , for a friend who has  started a collection. See Filey Parish Facebook page for further info, or here is a list of Drop Off points

Now here is the bit you might not want to read , or you might be surprized . I dont like Teddies, I dont like Cuddly Toys, and all though my children were given them by doting aunts , so had enough, I didnt take much notice of Louises Message. BUT I was in the middle of my quite time , and got a HS prod. Then I started thinking about it . 

I have had 3 children under 4 years old, I have 4 grandchildren  now , and I am a selfish cow. Small children in the Filey Childcare facility, my small grandchildren , the small Teddy Using children of Filey will never understand the horrors going on for Syrian Refugees, and I don't want them to , I want them to enjoy their own childhood and be free from unecessary FEAR. 

So Louise Hanks, and Neil Arnott, this is my Offering for you  WELL DONE ! 

Small Children do understand they may give a Teddy to another child who has not got one !

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bounty and Plenty

Italian Vegetarian Cookery by Paola Gavin 1987

I walk back from my allotment the longest way I can, calling on prospective recipients of Marrow and Courgettes. 
I have no trouble at all getting rid of Chard. My Spinach and Rice Pie, using my fresh off the allotment Swiss Chard, Rainbow Chard, or Spinach Beet has been keeping us nourished for 20 years since my children were going through serious vegetarian Dietary requirements. (And spouse and I have bacon with it, no cooking different meals for family members). Its like a solid risotto cake and I always serve it with lots of Parmesan and Homemade tomato sauce, made with homegrown tomatoes and garlic. This makes me sound a very accomplished gardener, but I can assure you that Tomatoes and garlic are not plentiful on my plot , I rely on the bountiful and generous surplus of my gardening neighbours. 
I have new neighbours on my allotment this year. They are . with Bernard my allotment partner, wonderful neat and tidy gardeners with manicured rows and giant vegetables. They come from different gardening disciplines , and I have most in common with my immediate neighbour who is also a devotee of the School of Companion Planting. He has a whole bed of Comfrey of the non invasive Bocking type, grows Marigolds and Nasturtians. My allotment partner doesn't mind the haphazard growth of Phacelia between the shared  rows of Raspberries, as long as I dig it in in neatly . (Which I will eventually, I promise!)

Our little problem is what to do with the Marrows and Courgettes ? I did stuffed Marrow  with Cheese Sauce at the weekend. I have made Courgette Frittata . I am looking for more recipients with time on their hands for Marrow and Ginger Jam . Meanwhile , nothing is wasted, as D leaves them  outside the greenhouse for me to use or give away I am doing both . And Ive just found a recipe in the Italian Cookbook for Courgette soup. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A few snapshots of the Nederlands

No wasting of elastic bands by the Dutch Posties. For many years I have followed behind the Filey ones and retrieved  bands from the pavements , much to the horror of my husband . 

We have taken our lives into our hands here in Amsterdam. I have had to lead spouse by the hand so that he would not be the cause of a bicycle pile up by standing right in the paths of the thousands of vehicles here. If you can call them vehicles that is. From our window we can see the ferries in tandem  crossing the Rhine east to west and west to east. As soon has they dock, hundreds of Dutch cyclists look like vast  spidery rivers of ants flowing into the roads. Yes the metaphors are mixed but I just can't find any better way of describing the sight. It has been  a huge worry for us. C lost part of his vision after a stroke, and Amsterdam is the most dangerous place he has ever negotiated. I have had to steer him out of the paths of Trams in Basel,Old ladies with dogs in Paris , prams in Filey , and now Bicycles.

The churches here all seem to tower above the city, like the landmarks of its  twin in Lincolnshire and my own native Holderness .We have only managed to visit the Westerkirk , whose bells could be heard by Anne Frank hidden  nearby. It is remarkable inside for its blatant Protestantism , but manages to have one of the most elaborate votive candle racks I have ever seen, whose inspiration , so they could get away with it was the Burning bush.  I do love exuberance.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Next time I escort my spouse around Europe I shall be all prepared . Thanking God for universal signage is my first Gloria . The most welcome signs are
  • Lift.      I urge all fellow travellers to learn this one and the next one as

    they are both welcome and necessary . Who remembers the station at York before lifts were obvious and for public use. Years of carrying luggage up the steps after the demise of the Porter used to make me dread a journey before it started. How could I as an able bodied under 60 even justify the need for Assisted travel. It was great when my sister Sue and I took our Aged parent to Iona in her wheelchair and used this service, it took all the angst out  for us. I marvel at the way 21st C travelling in Europe has been greatly helped by LIFTS, and even the smallest towns now seem to have them at the Barnhof.
  • WC     This sign is linked to Lift as the 2 go together . For those with Additional needs, wheelchair or pushchair or walking frame , just finding a loo on the flat is a human right in  my mind. In Switzerland we have learned quickly to have a supply of 1 or 2 CHF ready for the entrance fee. We do not mind paying this at all as the WCs in Heidi Land are far better than the best of Scarborough. The free ones in the courtyard of Basels Town hall were welcome , and thanks to the signage we were able to have coffee in the Market Place sitting in the sunshine without worrying .  
  • Wheelchair Friendly  
    Speyer Cathedral
     this is the  new sign that I have been looking out for. It goes with the previous 2, but means no steps for my beloved, and in the case of the wonderful Speyer Cathedral , no heavy doors to open .  I did actually have to push C in a wheelchair for the first 3 days of our Rhine River trip . It was a learning curve for me , used only to pushing aged parent who weighs 6 Stone.The pushing was ok , but quaint cobbled streets defeated me , tram lines bewildered me and the prospect of rain made me realise I had not brought my own waterproof.
So Ive just managed Basel's tram system   .I didn't need signage . I knew where the trams were because I saw the tram lines . The numbers on the front of the trams referenced the map for me. It took me a little while to know which side of the track to stand .  I am now trying to find out where a bus stop is .

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Xylem of Nations

I have been travelling this amazing water system for 4 days now. The scenery on each bank of the Rhine is fascinating and in some places spectacular, and in some places it could just as well be the Thames or the Humber without the junk of course. No polythene bags here hanging from water level branches, no plethora of graffitied signage. For here on the German stretch of the river there are just enough signs for all the Mariners and voyagers to make sense of environment and its logistic possibilities. I wish I had known on Day 1 that the large numerals displayed were actually a Km apart, (should have worked that one out ) and tell of the distance from the source of the Rhine in Switzerland .
Sign 555
This one  555 is more interesting to me than the actual landmark it referenced for me( We had been told that after 555 was the Lorelei, the biggest damp squid of the journey ). I liked this sign with the triangles and am glad it was explained. It shows that on the narrow bend approaching that no other craft are near. 
So here I am aboard a river cruise with spouse who has gout and so can't go anywhere further that 50 m except in a wheelchair. He is so much better that he was 2 days ago. What an unexpected blessing really as he awaits major heart surgery and we are only on the trip by the Grace of God and the Ok from the cardiologist . The gout has made him rest, so thats how I am looking at it . There is so much to enjoy from sitting and looking , and as most of the other passengers are on the excursions we have the pick of seats in  all the public areas and unlimited food and  drinks and the kindness of strangers.
The river traffic is simply astounding . Just watching the barges full of grit , coal , sand and , wood and metal coils makes me realise how this is such an efficient way of transport . Bring back the better use of canals in the UK says I .
I look like my well travelled aunt and Godmother Alice Susan Bruce (1905-1986) in this photo, But it is my Aged Parent in Beverley who is the map person like me, and my late father Harold Gower Bruce(1910-1975) who would have liked the symbols on the maps,especially that all the Km number marks are on the Michelin Rhine ones. He would have loved the whole transport system . He would have been looking at the signage on all the river craft and working out where they were registered, where they were going and what they were carrying . My Master mariner forebears were Ocean goers, but I'm finding the river just fine Thank-You. (Bonus is that spouse is not queasy as he was on North Sea Ferries .This is gentle , with just the occasional back wash from fast boats. )So much is he enjoying himself that when he awoke this morning he said , Look we've got to 434!


Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Brownlee brothers keep going

This Sunday afternoon I am watching Alistair winning the World  Triathlon. More importantly for me and for Yorkshire , his brother got going again after his bike failing, and he is finishing  only a minute later.

Keep going , keep going its saying to me. 

Its been a trough for the last few months.

  • Although I'm glad that after 5 cancellations I finally got my routine keyhole surgery done , Ive been trying to cope with the way my Mother is sinking into Dementia, and finding I have had to admit I cant keep going twice a week to Beverley. My husband is my priority , as now know that all his health difficulties this year may be helped with open Heart Surgery, so we await the go ahead judgement  when we return from our Holiday of a life time. I hope to blog it as we go  and bore every one rigid with the Heritage sites of the Rhine as we do the cruise from Amsterdam to Basel. I have not even been able to think about it , knowing that it could be cancelled at any minute  as Colin is not able to go at all. He is being so patient and calm himself, and as I watch him struggling to walk a few yards and I find  negative thoughts surfacing and imagine scenarios abroad. I am kicking them into touch now. 
  • My allotment is generally the place where I shine and show off to family and friends. BUT new neighbours at the plots next door are not only amazing landscapers and planners and clearers and weeders , they  both have rows and rows of huge brassicas and potatoes and the prospect of winning Best Plot.  My allotment partner already has the best crop of Elephant Garlic I have ever seen , and will soon have a stone free portion of our plot. 
  • Though-I can claim to have an unusual Plant on my bit of land as my Echium does its Little shop of supposed Horrors, and know that as yet I have not been challenged for bringing an alien to disrupt the brooding calm of Filey Allotments. (I say this as there seem to be huddles of Car owners disputing as where to park , and mutterings of discontent , but in the scheme of things they just all need to grow up).
  • Even the kudos I give myself doing my Plant Surveys for NPMS has paled. Who am I trying to kid, I can't tell the difference between any of the sedges and rushes , and It will take me some serious study to do so. 
So , as Ray said last week in her Daydreamer Blog, I too am, or have been , in the Doldrums. I am getting wind in my sails again  as I try on  dozens of outfits, read the Rhine Maps from Stanfords and plan which of the 36 museums In Basel needs a visit from me.
Peveril Castle taken by Reuben
And this afternoon after our family Sunday Lunch at 5pm our  small boys have been telling of their week away in a cottage Derbyshire . I let Reuben age 8 borrow my Digital camera and we have had a slide show on the TV from this laptop. R has taken 497 pictures. Some are the usual small grandson stuff with accompanying tales , mostly of Lavatories, but Colin and I have really enjoyed all the entertainment for Sunday evening as the boys talk us through the holiday .
Im ready to get going again , will try to be positive, thanking God and counting my Blessings.
One of Rs many selfies

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Aliens and Sojourners

This is my alien Echium pininana sp. The silver thing in the front is just a  cut up crisp packet on a stick to frighten pigeons,. My Alien has a sparse midriff caused by winter damage. The cane is 6'high so you can see how far my Triffid has grown , its an alien because its not a native species. Its is not an I.A.S( Invasive Alien Species) because it rarely survives a North Yorkshire winter, and although hundreds of seedlings could  come from the seed of this one plant, they are so easily spotted and removed . 

Impatiens f. By River Hertford
 I have twice been in a group visit to nearby Flixton Carr with Tim Burkinshaw  of the Carrs Wetland Project . Here he explained how Impatiens glandiflera is now an I.A.S and it is being removed from the banks of the River Hertford as part of their Conservation Work , as it taking over from all the native Species.
Impatiens f is my favourite example of Seed Dispersal . I have picked the plant  for years to equip class after class of Children with a great example of ballistic dispersal . (Great maths too).The seeds may explode out across from the plant 23feet . 
Land  management these days is beginning to catch up with Good Practice in the light of mistakes made in generations before.   Hedges were removed across our agricultural land in the 1950s and 60s as fields were merged to increase  the food supply in Post War Britain . 60 years later costly remedial schemes and set aside grants , and hasty schemes and   long term schemes of enthusiastic professionals and Nature Conservancy groups  try to repair the biosystems.
R Hertford 
 . I remember my father talking about it when I was a child, as we drove frequently from Sutton village across Holderness to  friends in Skeffling.
 We'll rue the day ' He used to say ,
 and he was right.  My sisters and I recall passing through the villages of Preston, Keyingham  and Patrington being told each time the changes that were observed. '
So what about aliens ? Who decides what is a good alien or an IAS? Obvious species like Japanese Knotweed can grow through Concrete and damage foundations, and yet was introduced as an Ornamental by our passionate Victorian Plant hunters . I can call it  an undesirable alien .

Ive just been down Queen Street and checked to see if the removal of the Japanese Knotweed has been successful . Judge for yourself! ..>>>>>>>>>>>>

Gardeners all over Britain are growing  or trying to grow to an inflorescence of the Giant Vipers Bugloss Echium pininana.  Bees love it and one flower spike can last throughout the summer . I want to conserve bees, who I understand are also a threatened species. Echiums are great for this. Am I worried that my alien species will take over Filey ? Am I worried that in 100 years time they will be serious problem because Global warming has meant that all seedlings are likely to survive a Filey Winter? I am thinking about it responsibly. 

Here is a little sojourner for you . This Aquilegia is growing in a crack in Sandhill lane by the iron  bridge to St Oswalds and the Country Park . I give it 2 weeks before the SBC team are out with their weedkiller.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Eternity in the hearts of man

Echium Friday
I've wanted to use that phrase for a long time. Its out of context and relates to God but I still love the words. Today I went to the allotment for an hour to see what the recent rain had done and whether I could get my first picking of Asparagus. Four hours later I thought an hour had gone and came home. Certainly eternity or a paradign shift in my concept of time. 
It was just glorious out in Filey today. I had seen the light on the beach at 9am when I spotted the shining sea from the top of Cargate Hill as I did a quick shop at Angelas. Inland , with a cool breeze and blue skies it was perfect gardening weather. Yesterday I had been out at 6am in St Oswalds , watering the flowers, as I had forgotten on Saturday. The Iron work on the South Gate was covered in ice. The temperature in the allotment greenhouse however was over 30C today, and its no wonder all the sunflowers are up after 4 days , but the night temp must be nearer 3C. 
The Asparagus is showing , but only just. I couldn't justify picking the 4 first shoots all over 1cm thick. I'm quietly  pleased .

Echium Monday
My allotment neighbour D is in Lanzerote , land of lava . Little does he know that here in the no volcano any where near soil of Filey Allotments is growing my very own Echium , a native of the Canary Islands. It has grown 30cm in a week , beating the Blackberry , usually the fastest grower.
The recent rain though relentless for hours in Queen Street, has barely moistened the soil by the railway line. The Horsetails have begun their latest offensive , but I am on to them . 
Tomorrow I shall spend the day filling the baths with water with the hosepipe, check my micropond for signs of tadpole life, and try and plant some neat seed rows just to fit in with all my neighbours who are all school of Percy Thrower and his update Monty Don. I am school of Rosemary Varey and Blue Peter. John Siddle once commented that my gardening style was Organized Chaos. I'll take that as a compliment. One thing is sure . I will arrive at my very own corner of Filey and time will stand  still .

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Skylarks and Vipers Bugloss

Meaux Road , Routh ER
Cyling through the lanes around Sutton in Holderness with my school friend Christine Addinell over 50 years ago I remember the first Wild Flower I could not identify at all not even its  family . 
I remember just where it was, in the hedge, just before Routh Church (brass rubbing expedition) and could not wait to look it up .
Experience now tells me that it was probably a garden escape, but it was there in my book nevertheless Echium vulgare (oka Vipers Bugloss). 

I still use my childhood flora, though have had to progress to Roses 'Wildflower Key' , and Staces 'New Flora of the British Isles' after my serious Botany courses :still intuitive identification , though not scientific , rarely fails me as long as I have plenty of info to back it up. Years and years as the daughter of a fisherman  led to a childhood of sitting still by river banks; Derwent,  Hull , Bain, Cover and Ure with nothing to do but watch and listen . My sisters and I learned to recognise Mayflies, Stone flies ,Damsel flies and the like so that we could tell our father what fly to use.

It sounds idyllic but it wasn't always, sometimes it was just boring. I probably became a reader at that time too. I soon learned to name all the plant life , loved fungi  and lichens as well as the vascular plants  and started my own collection of Wildflowers pressing and drying and displaying in accordance with Instruction for Collectors PLANTS  (British Museum ,Natural History 6th Edition).
So  I nearly threw away all the Rowling Herbarium when we moved back to the cottage from Kiaora , but I started again and have for the past 5 years been enjoying monitoring for Plantlife  on KM Square OS TA1081and collecting again . I look again at the specimans collected as a child , and remember the river banks!

This year Plantlife and the BSBI *have moved on in the National Plant Monitoring Scheme , a more scientific and rigorous Survey has just launched . My allocated KM GRID square has changed to OS TA1281, and so now I have the opportunity to monitor some different habitats including  Maritime cliff tops and slopes

 I joined FBOG (Filey Bird Observatory and Group) last year. I'm not a dedicated birder but their latest Bird Report makes it quite clear that the study and understanding of the flora of the Filey Area (and beyond ,DG) is integral to the wider picture of what is now called Filey Nature**. I have member benefits now , and can have access to Rocket Pole Field for my survey so will be introduced to the protocol by Jack Whitehead next week. Sue Hull tells me that a wildflower patch has been sown there and is keen for that to be monitored .

Burton Agnes E .pininana 08
The child who learned to watch Skylarks and spot Yellowhammers down East Carr Lane every Sunday, and at 15 found her first Echium is now aiming for the National Collection . Not really, but am thrilled to be expecting a good inflorescence on my allotment of Echium pininana which , is safely through the winter. 

*Botanical Society of the British Isles ** Yahoo Group .

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Don't blame me for the state of the NHS and Social Care..

Or my aged parent. The people doing stats, the economists, the politicians and everyone on the Bayswater Omnibus with the exception of the baby know that everyone grows old . Thankfully people are living much longer than in those days . I just can't understand why no one realises it and factors it in to the Budget forecast for the NHS and Social Care .

Why do I have to feel so guilty because my aged parent is in full time care in a Care Home in Beverley where the Care Staff are paid so very little ? 

 Mothers Care is not free .   It is not her fault she is old . I have had small use of the NHS really , and I have paid my way all my life, taxes and N.I.  My fathers contributions paid for my mother, who never really worked for money after her 4 children were born. She never stopped working however, washing, cooking , ironing , cleaning , gardening . She was in the WAF, and knows what a World War is like. She remembers her brother coming back from Dunkirk after standing so long in the water that when he got home his clothes were mouldy.

The sooner the agencies dealing with an increasingly AGED population get together and liase properly the better. My Gnome of Zurich sister doing Mothers finances has to wait months and months before adjustments are made in payouts and payins.


Its very difficult some times visiting my mother , who is really well cared for , mostly happy and contented, who is always clean, well fed. Her laundry is efficiently done and returned, her room  and bathroom always spotlessly clean.

Its really DIFFICULT because those kind carers and cheerful cleaners  are paid so VERY LITTLE for a job we will probably all need doing for us .

A little note of JOY. Mother and I had a lovely time together in the garden yesterday without coats. She was still able to name the shrubs and flowers and we both took such delight  in the prospect of spring springing and grass rizzing. 

WE found a few Sweet Peas had lasted all winter and were blooming outside in the raised beds next to the French Doors . I put one in a glass next to her Steradent as a surprise fragrance for her .

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Update with nespresso machine

For many years I have not drunk instant coffee. I only have one cup of coffee a day, we are really tea people in our house, ordinary old fashioned PG tips or Yorkshire Tea . We are not connoisseurs. I dont care if its from  teabag as long as its strong. Coffee however is a  different story. I like coffee made from ground beans, ground myself , or strength 4 or 5 FairTrade Columbian ready ground for preference. I do understand that fashions come and go. I still have to learn how the new trend is for the cold filter of water through the coffee. Somehow I dont think #cafechurchfiley is quite ready for that. Its barely got used to non instant coffee anyway .

An aside. I have lived in Filey for nearly 25 years  and rarely had 'coffee out' until the last 2 years when I have been wont to meet dear friend from Burton Joyce . I have tried all the coffee shops now. We usually go to the Bistro for the ambience, which suits us both. For coffee however I like it from the shack/van parked outside T---- supermarket . I always pick one up en route to station before going to Beverley . Kaths tea at the station is great  too when Michelle is not with her shack, but neither open early enough for me . To be fair , Ive just found that the coffee in Pitstop is good , and she is open at 8am. The punters of Filey are all moaning that a Costa or a Cafe Nero might come to the new site where the Police Station was. If they serve their usual great coffee and open at 8am I will be picking up my coffee for the train there. Ive tried all the coffee shops near the station in Beverley for my return journeys, or somewhere to hang out at 8am before going to mother for  free wifi ,Cafe Nero is the business , opposite  M& S near my bus stop. It has atmosphere, a reward card and like Michelle, really good coffee, 

I am in Hull as I write this, en route to London, on our much delayed business trip . C and I have stayed in Mercure Royal. I've known the hotel all my life, but as the Station Hotel. It was here that 60 years ago my mother would meet my Aunty Mabel , in from Withersea on by train, for coffee. It was here that I took my first coffee out alone , sitting in the Lounge salon watching the world go by . Mother always told me it was the place to use the Powder Room , but I should always take coffee as well , not to take advantage. In the 60s it was an old fashioned place to take coffee as a young adult, but one basked in the charm of it. The Coffee came Silver plated Coffee pots, with a smaller pot of hot milk and another of boiling water and a little dish of brown sugarand 4 biscuits on a plate. This was so different from the boiled milk and Camp we had at home . It seemed very grown up and expensive. (Fields was THE place to go, but often too full for a seat).

So too for my thoughts on the George Clooney machine in our room . It took me 1 wasted  capsule to work out how to use it, but the Expresso was good, but not as good as Rosellas in Bella Italia .

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Inspiration and a New Find

Rogier van der Weyden
Portrait of a Lady is one of the first portraits I liked. I like the pins holding the veil together and the flawless complexion of the sitter. 
When spouse and I were in the Baltic Gateshead in 2008 we saw a photographic exhibition of People of Tyneside, and I loved it. This theme runs because in Hackney Library recently we enjoyed an exhibition of Photos of Hackney residents , made all the more poignant when we met a family who had made a special trip to see 4 of their own Family Pictures from years over 40 yrs earlier on display .
Nelissa Mendy with pics of her family taken in the 70s
I never get tired of seeing Photos and Portraits of my fellow men , indeed I love People watching , and am never bored when theres a stream of passers by , and sitters around , and coffee drinkers . Starbucks in the Whitgift Centre is a joy of  an Observation Hide, as its in the middle of the Mall with life going on all around it . I spent hours there when I was caring for the needs of my aunt in 2013, waiting for her to die, and needing to be in the midst of life whilst she determinely withdrew from us. Croydon is a great place for People as the population is so diverse.
Zubeir Tai , Freelance Photographer 
We had a great day in Leeds last week . We were people watching as we had our lunch in the cafe opposite the Parkinson Building , and our coffee inside the Costa Place inside the Parkinson Building before we saw the Exhibition that had brought us to Leeds , Nostalgia and Progress.
Replete with culture we moved on to the Art Gallery , and were people watched ourselves by Zubeir Tai (I love his name). He runs a great Facebook Site and Tumblr page . I am going to Blogroll him , and have  already done so on the Filey Parish facebook Site . He takes random pictures of people as inspired by HONY*. His site is Humans of Leeds. Well done for calling it that , of Leeds and not in Leeds. 

I started this blog page on Monday night , but have been overtaken by the events of a Family get- together to celebrate the Baptism of my Grandsons. They just decided they wanted it . So today with all my children around me , and they with all their grandparents around them we have been taking lots of photos, not the random sort , but the lets get us all in the picture together sort. 

*Humans of New York

Monday, February 02, 2015

Posts within Posts, Self Promotion without shame

View North Saltshouse Road from Newlands 260  c1965

View East from Newlands 260 Saltshouse Road  1965

History is happening in Facebook groups . I belong to several Facebook groups where people post photos of the places they remember and talk about them . Mu own experience started when our plumber started the group Photos of Filey Old and New . I am not a Filonian , and have only lived here for 23 years, but I do like to know about the houses and streets around me  and the characters that have given a place a certain Identity, real or imagined.
Cover pic of 'The Hull Connection' 
 One never knows if heresay is correct, and so the most people who discuss a place or an event , the more likely there will be agreement as to  the accuracy of the   remembered records of the past. I know that even though I was not born here I know a great deal about the recent past of 25 years, because I am part of it. I remember well now because I am not yet too old . 
Its very important to me that shared experiences are recorded for posterity if they are of common interest. I am enjoying the Listening Project on BBC. That too is recording History , not of facts about places necessarily , but about how that nation engages in talking to one another. 

And so too I am enjoying all the photos shared on another Facebook Group called Old Hull. A Hullesian I most certainly am. I was born in the Inchgarvie Nursing home in Albert Avenue, and we lived in a flat In Marlborough Avenue until 1953 when my parents bought some land from Mr Baston of Sutton and had Sewells build a house for us. Today Mike Savage posted an old photo of Saltshouse Road. It showed all the 1930s Houses built just North of Sutton Annexe Hospital.
 It has a link with Filey too, as Im sure that when the Princess Royal came to open the Annexe it was about the same time she opened the Royal Parade in Filey. We stood outside our house in Sutton and waved at her, and thought of our friend Margaret Spooner who would be giving her the bouquet at the hospital,  privilege of being the daughter of the builder no doubt .

I left home to go to college when I was 18, and never again
lived at home, a sister still lives in Sutton Village, and my interest in the history of the village and of Old Hull has never flagged. As Hull heads for it City Of Culture status its so important it realises not only where it has come from but why it is the way it is.  I have had such joy from a book of Poetry I picked up recently called The Hull Collection.

A list of my Sutton on Hull and East Riding blog posts;

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Hull Hell and Halifax

Felix Mendelssohn,His part in my life

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A quiet place to sit and think

Not something from War of the Worlds , but the remains of a couple of sunflowers promise a treat for Goldfinches when the snow comes. I've just been to get the paper and the newsagent's assistant  is excitedly passing on the news that snow has fallen in Seamer 3miles away. She's listening to Yorkshire Coast Radio  and I expect Paddy in the Morning is glad to have  something new to talk about .
I have my sledge ready , and my new snow boots are waiting for some road testing. 
Yesterday however was a glorious sunny day and bitterly cold here in Filey. I had a really productive time out in allotment hinterland. Sometimes , and often in January when SAD is affecting people around you, a series of upsets may be  magnified out of proportion to their actual importance in the scheme of things. I wanted time out yesterday. I wanted a trip somewhere. I wanted some comfort food. I wanted some space alone. I wanted something DIFFERENT. None of my suggestions en famille got anywhere. I was up for a trip to Primark , or a meal in the White Lodge or a look round the exhibition in Leeds.
At present I'm sitting at the desk in the sitting room, listening to Bach's Cantata for the Epiphany BMV65. I was listening to The Seeger Sessions , We shall Overcome , from Bruce Springsteen . Its upbeat , nostalgic and memorable but spouse doesn't like it and has been sitting in the kitchen whilst its on so I have tried to compromise. He says that the Bach is OK .
My thoughts have been reinforced by a timely blog post from The Big Forest. They reiterate all I am thinking . I am glad I gave myself some space albeit not in Leeds or Primark for I was so determined to go somewhere , anywhere, yesterday I took the compost to the allotment. Wrapped up in my down coat, my beret , two pairs of gloves and my Docs I took off. Timing yesterday was so God given for I spotted a car and trailer unloading manure to the plots . So I now have seen 'John the Muck Man 'from Folkton who for a modest sum will deliver horse manure with no straw straight to my compost bay . Ive paid him for two loads for the year and am thrilled. Its doesn't take much . If that wasn't enough I've also acquired a coveted item from the vacant plot next door, just a piece of old tin advert. but I've  loved it for years. My perfect morning continued with a stroll round the plot, plans in my head , catalogues to browse, noting the lavender needed a trim in April and the Echium was still alive -JUST in its fleece blanket. Next a sit down and a sojourn awhile in the greenhouse , a cup of tea from the flask and half a packet of midget gems , sweet heaven ,and time to just BE. Vicar Andrew said on the first Sunday of the year that we didn't sit quietly and just listen to God any more. Well! he needs a sit down for an hour in my Greenhouse.
I'm refreshed and happy, enthused and inspired today. I have well rotted mulch for my Asparagus bed, plans for Spring, a place to call my own . The last nine weeks of disappointment waiting for an op that has been cancelled 3 times, getting the fridge and laundry up to date so C has nothing to do 3 times and the inability to make any plans , fade now .
The Clarkia will have self seeded, the Chard will soon be coming back to leaf one more time, the Clary has dropped masses of seed and  soon  Rhubarb will burst forth again. I am warm, well fed, have a roof over my head and not in pain.
All in perspective again.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Just settling into winter

Echiums ready
I am wearing wool again this year. Now that I am 3 sizes smaller than last winter I am cold. Last year I wore M and S thermals , only I have had to wear them most of the year. I still have one back up item or 3 for my winter layering system . I have bought some sports tops that rugby players wear to keep warm on the field, presumably when the ball is down the other end . They do such lovely colours and are much cheaper then thermals from M and S. So I am really thrilled that the temperature is dropping . 
I shall wear M and S thermals, rugby tops (close fitting)and my new wool polo neck sweaters, and a thin fashion garment over all , from Primari  to make me look fashionable. I have never given spouse much sympathy for being cold all year as he is on Rat Poison to thin the blood. I am having sympathy for all those children in refugee camps who are now facing cold nights in the middle east. It has taken me this much to cotton on. I remember life before central heating very well, ice patterns on the bathroom window, hot water bottles the only bedroom heat, and doing homework with my two sisters  round a coke fire in the dining room. If you were too near the fire your legs went red, and you felt sleepy, if you were too far away from the fire you were frozen and couldn't do any work, but at least you were alert. These days no one would  bat an eyelid if one wore fingerless gloves and a hat indoors and a pashmina drape. Remember Chilblains!!
Echium Lurking behind the leeks 

I've looked at the weather app and tonight we might have the first frost of the winter. I had to nick a roll of fleece from Bernard's half of the allotment shed and have wrapped my Echium Pininana . I haven't had a decent 13foot inflorescence for 5 years now. I get them through all winter and they are caught in April, or the top dies out and it branches or I have a sorry sight one morning as my lovingly tended crop are all died one night when I was sure it wasn't as cold as I thought . I have not put any in the greenhouse this year. I am trying to go au naturel. I am using the Chelsea Physic garden wrapping method, more or less. Theirs are neater. At Kiaora I have found last years fleece bags and used them over the wrapped echiums .So , I'll keep you posted. I'm a nerd I know.

Monday, November 24, 2014

I am a cynic I know.

    Apple kale and lime juice.
     PUT it in a bottle with Apple Juice and Lime juice and charge a lot for it. Thank you Waitrose, you know I love you dearly, I miss you, I wish you were in Filey , or even Scarborough as I would shop and shop but not drop as I do in Tesco BUT  why bottle Kale Juice?

    We grew row after row of it in the clay soil of Holderness when I was young. It was about the only vegetable one could hope to do well with  all through the winter. How I dreaded the words would you just go in to the garden and get me a picking of kale for dinner.  Mother would cook it to death and press a saucepan lid over it to get out any remaining goodness. The dog under the table never liked it either .

    Have you noticed everyone how the food Police have recently discovered that some very cheap products are good for you? Have you noticed everyone ,that vegetables that are really easy to grow, easy to store and easy to spell are becoming the staple add-ons for the Baby Lead Weaning generation . Here they are then
    • Beetroot , obvious red or orange: NB very expensive crisps
    • Kale , tough as old boots green , or black if using the Italian variety:NB very expensive soft drinks and  oh so exciting vegetable when fried or something awful ,but freshly picked from the restaurants own veg patch
    • Swedes, orange and easily grown  NB very expensive microwave ready to eat puree (with the addition of black pepper I know)
    • Not a veg, but have you noticed how Black Pudding , the cheapest of meat products is now going gourmet ?
    • Broad Beans are back , only they are called Fava beans in posh places. The frozen variety taste just as good from Herons , and I damned if I'm going to skin them and puree them .
    My allotment continues to enthrall me, yes! really. I have tried Celariac this year as it's always expensive to buy, but its a real pain to grow. Celariac mash just doesn't do it for us anyway, we prefer Parsnip Mash and that root is always cheap in Filey, and takes the addition of Jerk seasoning to make it taste really delicious and different.
    I wonder how long it will be before Chard Juice hits the shops. Perhaps its already in Neals Yard or Daylesford in Pimlico Road, both places where spouse and I like a good snoop .If anything is good enough for the Stockpot in the Kings Road just past the Fire Station its good enough for us, and they are not serving Chard. I am however growing it in abundance because it is foolproof, lasts through the winter and comes back smiling and verdant. 
    My wonderful Italian vegetarian cookbook from the 80s is still used frequently. Chard is the star of many of its recipes that are now firm family favourites, often used in place of spinach. Spinach and Rice Pie is the most used.  I wonder how long before my simple Italian peasant food becomes the best thing since sliced bread in Waitrose, after all it will feed a family of 6  for about £1.50.

    Tuesday, November 18, 2014

    Gardening ,Blogging or visiting Aged Parent

    Kilham to Rudston Road 

    I went last week and cut the Asparagus down on my allotment. It was satisfying to see the sturdy fronds and know that next year I will be able to take  my actual crop. Colin came and cut down this years Blackberries so they  will fruit on the new growth which is lethal to deal with and all needs tying in. I felt so guilty as I saw all the scratches he had collected along the way defying his Warfarin soaked blood system . 

    Today he is coming with me to take up from home the 3 huge bags of vegetable waste for the Compost heap. I have had to coax him , as he is firmly of the opinion that its my plot and he wants it to stay that way. I on the other hand feel that a good walk the near mile to the plot would be good for him and his WSB  system .
    I am treading a careful path. I feel I am leaving my beloved spouse alone too much in our cosy but dark 18thC Fishermans cottage. I did not know when I took on my small piece of Gods Good Earth that I would also be taking on in excelsis the duties of the dutiful :Daughter that is.
    For the 6 years since I have been blogging I have often found so much to write about in my journeys across the Wolds to Beverley, going as I did every week or so . I loved stopping on the way home to take a picture of my favourite view from  the Rudston to Kilham Road or as I always drive it , the Kilham to Rudston road. Ive always been one for coming home a different way from going, and Burton Fleming to Kilham is my usual outward journey .
    Yorkshire Bank King Edwards Street Hull 
    Now Dutiful daughter is travelling to Aged Parent twice a week using her railcard as its cheaper for I to travel Filey To Beverley on the train . Sometimes I get the 7am train and travel through to Hull to meet my Sutton Sister in the Caffe Nero that was once my first Yorkshire Penny Bank opposite the Dock Offices and Ferens Art Gallery. It still has a lovely Plaster ceiling. I nip round the bargains in Primark and get the next train to mother.
    You could say its a grand day out! I certainly enjoy it,good coffee stops , a bit of shopping and a good chat with AP showing her all the clothes I have got for £20 including purchases for her,Jumpers  of the fawn or pale blue variety .
    When I'm not being a dutiful daughter , well dressed by Primark , or Fileygardener well dressed by old clothes , I'm a retired of Filey well dressed by Cammishes, and doing all the other stuff that housewives do , shopping and cooking, Flower Arranging, making beds and
    thinking about cleaning .
    I have though about it a lot recently, 
    and realised I just don't do any except for just before every one comes for our homegroup on a Wednesday night  . So in the interests of SANITY and keeping my husband , I have now employed a TREASURE.
    So when I'm not gardening or visiting AP or cooking or shopping I am now able to report that I am able to spend more time with my husband of 42 years, but he's asleep in his chair, library book on his lap waiting for 'Neighbours' so I am going to get back to some more Blogging !