Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hope and Ruin

 Hope and ruin ' (Brighton)is a great name for a Pub , but was formerly called The Hope  which seems an odd name for a Pub anyway , unless it was once a Hope and Anchor. This is London by the sea  of course and this venue is open until 2am ever day and serves vegan food. It might do well in Filey as long as it served chips .
In Putney I liked the name of the  latest hoping to do well Cocktail bar. Its also open until the small hours  at least at weekends ,  with music , but no food, so hungry punters will have go to Pretos first .

I had just completed a week of Guided Prayer with a mentor, leading me  to think of Lectio divina, before coming away to London and Brighton. The contrast between the week of quiet and contemplation and the week of noise and contemplation  was not as stark as it could have been . Years of living in London did teach me to find soul food in the bustle. I can sit on a bus or tube and enjoy every minute as long as I have a seat , so fascinating to hear all the languages spoken , and the tourists  wondering where to get off, and the nannies with buggies all trying to fit in , but this only works for me if I find a green space , with  few people to recharge.

This year , though I lived 2 miles away and didn't know it, we found Fulham Palace and  gardens . Colin grew up 2 miles from Putney Bridge and never knew the place either.
Fulham Palace garden

I'm writing this watching the Chelsea Flower Show on BBC.
There's no way I could cope with the crowds there any more than I can cope with the daytrippers in Filey when the suns out, taking up all the pavements with so many dogs . People are the lifeblood of cities and towns however, and the  economy depends on them.
The Countryside doesn't manage itself, no more do the urban Green spaces like Fulham Palace gardens, but  both need to be a huge part of my SOUL FOOD, keeping me topped up with HOPE and away from RUIN.

A few quirky pics to complete my travelogue.

 Smart car covered in what looked like grass passes our bus stop at the Green Man Pub Putney .

 Green wall on this pub in Brighton , one day I WILL have one on my allotment shed roof!
If only!!
The Lords Prayer is still in the family.

 The cushion department in Peter Jones never fails to please.

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