Saturday, December 18, 2010

Insomnia Blog 3

Once again.
I have prayed through an alphabet of names. I did Kate Middleton for K, could not do anything for U so did Ursula Andress. I hope she is alive, as I dont pray for dead people.
I have been downstairs and made Horlicks and eaten Cashew nuts which were to go with Christmas drinks.
I have perused a map Of Bradford Buses incase @nickbaines  wants to know anything , but realised he will have a limo and does not have a bus pass to get to Bombay Stores or Saltaire, my 2 favourite places around Bradford.
I have finished my James Patterson novel. It was awfully good. The truest words I have ever written.
I have looked at the Mac Box Set sent me as a gift to update this old thing, but think its beyond me at 2 in the morning, although Time Machine sounds so alluring.
I have my warmest gilet over my dressing gown.
Ill have a quick look at Facebook and see if @garryrutters awake. No , but my sister has put the date wrong on her wall post.
Shall I put the slow cooker on  and  do a stew. The thought of waking up , hopefully at 7ish to the smell of beef is more than I can bear.
I will look through my Redwall novels . No I want something funnier. Sweet Thursday or Just William then, or maybe Cold Comfort farm again. Ive just remembered A Marcus Didius Falco on the shelf, heavy to hold in bed, but funny from page 1 with a map.


  1. For what it's worth, you have my sympathy. A life-long insomniac (see my blogs Daydreamer) on the subject, while I have no solution to offer I can confirm lack of sleep, though a pain-in-the proverbial, is not a killer.

    The only problem with night-time blogging is that your more nobel-prize for literature type efforts tend to fade to greyish prose by the light of day.

    If you do manage to come up with a new way of filling the long night hours please share!

  2. I have sleepless nights maybe one in ten so dont count myself an insomniac.
    I am happy with greyish prose tho admit the prize money for a prize in literature would be a pleasure to spend.Next time I am sleepless in the seaside I am going to spend an imaginary £250 000

  3. Anonymous18.12.10

    OK, sister of mine , I need you to keep an eye on my blog attempts !
    Best way to get to sleep is to listen to an audio book, snuggled in bed, with headphone on so as not to wake spouse. " Jane Eyre " always worked for me.I never remembered after Rochesters horse slipped on the ice.
    Its a shame that the click of the tape finishing woke me up !!!!