Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best wishes from North Yorkshire


  1. Congratulations! You have a beautiful family! I hope very soon to upload, if you allow me, a photograph of my little family.

    As I mentioned before, We are descendants of George Elder, M.A. and Presbyterian Minister of the Church of Scotland, at Woolwich, Grenweech. He was the youngest son of Colin Elder. (b. 1841). George was married with Emma Augusta Griffin, daughter of Captain Charles Griffin. She was born at Bengal.

    Attached a link to records of Edimburgh Academy and mention of G.Elder and family. At the same time, there are mentions of John James and William, sons of Alex. Mcd. Elder


    George had 5 siblings,

    - George Hubert
    - Arthur Sidney Welsh
    - William
    - Alexander Henry
    - Edith

    I really know very few things about them. Edith was a missionary at India, and later, probably have a library at England (not verified). I believe that William and Alexander probably died at WW1.

    Arthur Sidney Welsh, came to Argentina, with a rail company. He was married with Elizabeth Bell. She died during the trip, or very soon later, and he came back for a while to England with his two sons, and he married again with Elizabth sister, Grace. After that, they were radicated at Buenos Aires-

    Two sons

    - William Elder Bell Griffin
    - Arthur Sidney Welsh Elder.

    William lived at Bolivia, and died at 1982. He was very inteligent man, and he made great advances in exploration of oil, with systems used till now around the world. His family lives at Santa Cruz- Bolivia, except a g-son, who lives at Oklahoma, US (Eduardo Elder)

    Arthur, my g-father, died too young. Unfortunely, I didnt know him.

    My living family:

    - Irene Elder, my mother. (65), living in Salta- Argentina
    - Agnes Elder, an aunt (63)(at Spain)
    - Alberto Jorge Elder (67) Single.

    I have a sister, with 4 kids, Irene Mintzer Elder.

    I am married too, with two kids, Thomas Mintzer (6), and Anna Constanza (3)

  2. I am sorry, I made a mistake in last post. My g-father was Arthur Cecil Elder