Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Benjamin John Elder born 1807


  1. Dear Margaret

    Attached, some links about Benjamin John MacBean Elder and his trips around the world.



  2. Another links of interest. At 1843, with the disruption of the Free Church of Scotland, it is recognized the job Mr. Colin Elder did to protect people, hiding them in his barn. It is mentioned in some web pages, and I found out an
    interrogation made in Parliament to Colin. Please, look at page 30.




  3. I am actually interested in researching any information about the ships mentioned.

    In a link related with BJ Elder, it is mentioned that ship Robarts, and owner: Elder & Co. 1844. At first, I tought this company was J. Elder & Co, but I found a lot of records mentioning that J. Elder, ownershiper and buildshiper, born at Glasgow - 1824 could not be the owner of this ship at 1844. His company, J. Elder & Co was founded later.


    I supposed too, that the company mentioned could be A. L. Elder & Co, a company property of George Elder sons, from Kirkaldy (one of them, Sir Thomas Elder). They had some ships and an important commerce between England and Adelaide- Australia. But this company was founded later too. And all references about the Robarts are about voyagess between London and India (Calcutta, Bengal, o Madras)

    So, my question is..Had Colin Elder or John Elder a company "Elder & Co" during some years? They had ships, no doubt about that. Innes Mackenzie mentioned it in his book mentioning some commerce with Norway.

    1. Lloys register of shipping.
    Robarts. Master: BJ Elder. Owner: Elder & Co. (London - India)

    A lot of references about this possible conclusion:

    2. Lloyds register. 1844
    Ship: Diamond
    Owner: J. Elder
    London- Calcutta.


    I found an incredible reference about the company "MacDonald and Elder". I mentioned yet, that I believe the partner of John Elder was James Macdonald from Skeabost.I could not verify it. But another references about this company is mentioned in the book:
    "After the Hector: The Scottish Pioneers of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, 1773"
    Page 164. Chapter 9. "The plan yo mention of getting cargo of men and lassies and bring back timber might do well - the thing to consider is could you get a cargo anywhere in the Highlands -McDonald and elders at Skye used to be agents in this way and may assist you. " . Unfortunately the book is only availabe at Google with a limited preview, and only some times is possible to read the reference.

  4. I found a new link with reference to ship Robarts, owner: BJ Elder. So, this Elder & Co probably was a company of our family around 1840.


  5. Advancing slowly in my research, I can confirm that the following ships belonged to "Elder & Co", a company probably formed with his brothers, between 1836 and 1855. BJ Elder died at 1857.

    Robarts (1838-abt. 1845)
    RSM Mauritius. A steamer of 1800 tns- (1853)
    Pride of the Sea (records of 1855)

    All of them made trips between England and Cape Town and Calcuta/Bangal/Madras.

    Records of these trips at Allen´Indian mail and register of intelligence for british and foreign Records"

  6. THis is all so interesting. I have not forgotten that I am going to copy from my copy and send you and Nancy the Inventory of the possessions on the death of the Major General Sir George Elder! I am passing all this information on to my sister who keeps the original. It is the tall Ships event in Hartlepool England today, and all the news footage has reminded me of the life BJE must have led!xM

  7. A mistake.

    The name of the last ship mentioned was "The Bride of the sea"

  8. Well, I have to correct myself again. As I can verify now, this vessel, "The bride of the seas" had another owners, not related with BJ Elder. Another ship, with similar name, "The bride of the sea", had a captain R. Elder.
    Please, forgive me this mistake.