Thursday, April 09, 2009

Twitter and Pruning

I am no stranger to Pruning. I remember my Grandfather Benjamin John Elder Bruce showing me how to prune roses in 1959. I was really honoured that this man of so few words would take the trouble to explain something so grown up to this 12 year old girl. I was affirmed. I didnt really even understand what pruning was for, or why he only did the roses. He died soon after, they were the last roses he would prune. The roses were there for many years after that. I remember their lovely names, Josephine Bruce, our family rose, Peace, Fragrant Cloud, Golden Showers.
Our daughter the Landscape architect is a very hard pruner. She arrives in our walled garden and tells her father to' cut that right down', or she will do it. Her father has cut the Zepherine Drouhin right down. I hope it will cover the arbour again.
I see a new occupation coming in to the Twittersphere. People are having to prune the people they follow. Bishop Alan and Rev Bosco Peters have done their lists. I value both of their input to the Twittershere and Blogsphere, but am now having to rethink where I think the whole pruning thing will lead. Will someone invent a Tweetdeck that will do an automatic prune. You could put in a sort of search word like 'football' or 'synod' and all the' friends' who use those tags more than once a day could be pruned. Or perhaps those who like me have only 28 followers could do a reverse prune , or growth spurt thing and anyone who uses the words 'Echium' or 'Dark night of the soul' would have to follow me.
Of course, Jesus had only 12 serious followers at first, apparantly. I bet Jesus Barabbas had thousands.

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