Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AGMs All Gods militia

I have been to every single AGM of my anglican church since becoming a voting member. So that adds up to 41 meetings as for 1 year I had to belong to a fellowship (House Church).This was when my vicar said I was a heretic after getting Baptised as an adult by Total Immersion in 1985. I am under authority so treated the family to a year of guitars, prophecies and comfy seats. Back in the muddled folds of the Cof E since 1986, at home, happy with 'A word from Wormingford'once again , and now needing to read that bible of the interpretation of Holy Writ, the ABC for the PCC.
Last nights meeting for the Parish of Filey was worth the wait of 41 and 1 off years .
It will have fulfilled every legal requirement of Canon Law, but something more was going on last night. Besides the obvious presence of the Holy Spirit, there was a sense of order, calm and fellowship. The Lord was in control.
Max -your humorous diatribe was excellent. It would make a pamphlet as required reading for churches in the land. What you said, couched in such Cof E speak was that we need to get back to Bible teaching. You did that so subtley by your mention of wise and foolish virgins. I have nt heard that parable spoken of for years!
Mary -you have the gentleness of the strong, and its word is Meekness, it is what Jesus had.
Here is a cartoon for you all.

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