Thursday, January 15, 2009


I just love stats.The sitemeter on the gives me as much pleasure as the actual blogging. I have slowly turned into a nerd, maybe even an anorak. I wonder if on Mastermind you may answer questions on 'Blogsite stats' or ' URLs I know and love', or 'Locations ' or 'Out clicks'. I like them all. It is no good looking at the blog oneself, 50 times in one day, as Pete and Brian and Simon will suss that it no time. If I let 50 friends know the URL and hope they look at the site, I might get 10 of them looking at it. If I encourage all my 78 Facebook friends to look at the site,this might happen;
  • all my children will look at the site,
  • former colleagues who are winding down at the end of a tiring school day might look at the site
  • old friends from Dorking are leagues ahead in the cyber stakes and won't look as they are all twittering but not following me
  • my sister has already looked but will have lost the URL and the inclination
  • my nephews and nieces are all partying or on holiday in cold places so have no time
  • vicars and bishops and youth workers are all doing their own superb blogs so might look to see if I am following their blogs
  • Richard Dawkins will look at the site to see if I have mentioned him even though he is not my friend
  • Archbishop Sentamu will not look at the site, he knows I am one of his Facebook groupies but although he really appreciates all I do for him and God, he lets me get on with it as he loves Body Ministry.
  • My Facebook friends from the 1980's will not look at the site, they dont remember who I am.

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