Saturday, June 20, 2020

June came quickly

“The nights will soon be drawing in “. We used to be infuriated when spouse’s father used to declare this every 21st June . I have to keep consulting my Eric Ravilous calendar nearly every day to check the date .I need the date more than  I have for years. The calendar is more or less empty of appointments, our next memorable date is in August and that is for the MOT on the car . After that comes the Dentist in November . 

We have some dates in our mind that don’t need a calendar, 
  • Sisters 70th birthday in August is the most important 
  • Daughters birthday in July precedes that but just an ordinary birthday 
  • Wimbledon ,last week of June and Ist week in July CANCELLED
  • Harvest Festival Flower arranging CANCELLED FOR ME ,I’M NOT GOING IN CHURCH THIS YEAR
  • Spouse’s birthday 13th September coinciding with the day we pay for our Car Parking space in the local Pub Car Park 
I need a calendar because I’m now writing cheques again  .I need a calendar because I’m now writing letters again using my fountain pen .

My concept of time has taken a knocking . I explain in detail .

Eldest daughter and family have taken the small allotment next to mine. It is a quarter plot and was left in great condition by the last holder . My daughter has never grown anything before. She planted packets of seeds in the cold greenhouse in January and was delighted with the results.
Her melon seeds astounded me,I never thought they would germinate in the cold , but now she is expecting Watermelons . What were the size of golf balls are now the size of grapefruit. Her onions from seed are as good as mine from sets, and she has got a row of parsnips which none of us manage usually. 
She  works from the ancient booklet Be your own Vegetable Expert ,  Bible of the 70s.
She told me yesterday that she was going to grow Leeks now. I helpfully thought it would be better to drive up to Reighton Nurseries together and buy a pot of seedlings , “too late to plant says I “ my timing is quite out . Mr Hessayon has told her to plant for overwintering , in July. 
She is right  and I am wrong . July is soon ,I’m astounded , I’ve not put my Chrysanth plants in ( from cuttings). My Anxiety Level  is high at present , I’m getting strung up about completely unnecessary things. I don’t need Chrysanths, I’m not doing Harvest Festival . It doesn’t matter if my plot is covered in Scarlet Pimpernel . It is delightful , easily removed and deserves its nick name of Poor Mans Weatherglass.
I go to Morning Prayer on Zoom Or Facebook Live every day at present  . It is so good to leave our small town too.
 I find this town an insular and parochial place to live . It can be small town minded , always congratulating itself . If I hear another person say Yorkshire is Gods Own County I shall scream . Have people never lived anywhere else or smelled the spliffs at the end of their streets . The smell of Fish and Chips is back and there are socially distanced queues , but underlying anxiety  is simmering . We need to be  REAL.  Golden sands and the Country Park are not the key to successful coping, they are just tools in the life drawer. 

Back to Zoom Morning Prayer. It has been the biggest tool in my life drawer. Especially going to Wydale for it. By hearing 27 other people in places like York, Beverley,Winteringham, Bridlington , Scarborough and Kirby Misperton, Share and pray each day has raised my game. Wonderful though it is, my allotment  can’t completely satisfy. It’s ok not to be ok , and sharing in a trusted  and confidential environment and giving  everything to our Creator  has kept me on track as I stumble through the calendar months. 

Right now Rotherham gets my praise as a good place to live , as it has wilded its road verges and brought the bees to town .

Memorable date Longest Day 21st June 2020 R.I P Win 


  1. I wrote a lengthy comment on my IPad and it wouldn't let me publish it so here goes the much shorter (mercifully) version.
    It's good to hear you in your usual fine form and also to h ear that you are finding some comfort for these difficult times in your Zoom prayers.
    Clever you, I can.t do Zoom, but have every Sunday morning to look forward to as St Mary's is streaming its service on UTube.
    Not having left the house since 18th March I am beginning to wonder if there is still a world out there.
    Looking forward to real life again when it is safe to resume meeting real people and seeing even one or two faces other than my lovely neighbours (without whom I hasten to add I would long ago have starved to death.
    Take care and stay safe
    Blessings to you and yours

  2. Heart felt empathy .

  3. Dear Ray, I often mention you to our Creator!! I can't imagine what it must be like. Colin has been taken out for distanced walks, snail pace, by the once small now tall boys. Sending love to you.