Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cast of Musical 'Armada' -John Dee in centre

Sometimes  you  learn by coincidence and this happened to me  with the name of Tudor astrologist  John Dee. I am trying to remember whether I was listening to Radio 4 or listening to the TV whilst C watched and I was here on the PC, when John Dee was mentioned and I started listening.  What struck me was that the narrator was saying that Queen Elizabeth 1st never made any decisions without consulting the  occultist. C has always been very keen on anything to do with the Tudors, every film and TV series, book and magazine is devoured.  I must have listened vicariously to Bette Davis, Cate Blanchett, and Glenda Jackson and Helen Mirren scores of times without hearing a word ,from my corner of the sitting room and facing away from the set. But remember HE does not do Wallender or University Challenge . He is therefore very disappointed that His Heroine could not make decisions using her brain , as he has always assumed. She has I am afraid joined the ranks of Indian businessmen  with their fortunetelling before deals, Madame Arcarti and all other send-ups and  his reticence to buy a Rosa diablo, Gloriana  has fallen from his grace. I add here that my own god-daughter has unfriended me on Facebook just because I warned her of doing online Tarot Cards, as any Christian Godmother would do I hope.

Queen Elizabeth  in Armada

We were in York having lunch in the Spurriergate  Centre just as the York Musical Theatre Company were  giving the people that lunch  a sampler of their musical Armada  which is next week 28/29/30th July at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre. Our daughter in Sussex is a keen  singer and was Mabel in G and S Pirates recently, and we know just how hard a cast will have to work  , not least those making costumes and working behind the scenes and front of house. I hope the production of Armada goes well, the costumes were great and a preview of the sound may be heard on their own website. John Dee plays a part in this musical, so I am off to look him up and see what I can find out about him from the books on Tudors in this house. Usually I get all my facts from Horrible Histories or Sellar and Yeatman. I want to get them straight this time incase we end up talking about him in our homegroup  or  reading Blessings and Curses again. 

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